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Darlene’s Concoctions – Super Easy 3 Ingredient Banana Spice Bread Challenge


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Daily Update for 7/22/16 – Hopefully a Concoction Video Later!


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Friday Chat – Derrick and Skylar are Back Home and Possible Concoction Tonight!


Happy Friday!

The first thing I want to report is that after many delays and change of gates, Derrick and Skylar finally made it to Memphis last night!  Derrick said Skylar was awesome the entire time, and I totally believe that. She and I have been through many delays and gate changes and she is always good about it.  In fact, the very first time I flew with her we were stuck on the tarmac in Memphis for 3 hours with no AC and she was only 2 years old at the time and she did awesome!  She’s a very good traveler!

Last night I uploaded a Tag Along with Me to Market Basket video and was so surprised to see that I got caught with the camera in the dairy section! The guy was totally looking at me (he was behind me) and it looks like he might have contemplated saying something to me, but he didn’t. You can slide over to around 8:45 and watch for the guy.

Today, I plan on making an super easy Banana Spice Bread using a cake mix!  I just need to clear off my counter area so I have room to concoct! lol

Thank you to everyone for allowing me the freedom to have Skylar here and for sticking with me!  I know people watch my videos for many different reasons, and a change like that it not up everyone’s alley, so if you took a break from me, you can come back now! lol

That’s it for now!  Have a great Friday!


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Tag Along with Me to Market Basket


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Daily Update for 7/21/16 – Skylar and Derrick Say Goodbye!


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Thursday Chat – Derrick and Skylar are Leaving Today (boo hoo)


Happy Thursday!

Today is the day that Skylar goes back home.  I will miss her so much.  The first morning waking up without her is always the hardest.  I hope I get to fly down to Memphis to see her this fall.

Southwest had a complete system failure yesterday and they are still cancelling flights as they try to recover from the havoc.  So far, Derrick and Skylar’s flight is still on. Fingers crossed that they do not get caught in a delay in Baltimore tonight and miss their connection. I bet sleeping in an airport with daddy would almost be an adventure that Skylar would enjoy!  Derrick, not so much! lol

Will be doing a Daily Update before we leave so Skylar can say goodbye to the peanut gallery!  She had such a good time with all the videos we did together, and the ones she did all on her own!  And it’s the summer that she got her own youtube channel!  So happy I can be a part of that!


Have a great Thursday!



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Daily Update for 7/20/16 – Probably the Only Video Today


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Wednesday Chat – Derrick Makes a Youtube Appearance plus 2 Yogurt Pies!


Happy hump day everyone!

This is Skylar’s last night here.  I can’t believe that tomorrow night, I’ll be all alone.  So. Sad.  I just have to hang on to the idea that I will be able to throw myself into work and that the peanut gallery is here for me.  Do. Love.

We were quite busy in the video world yesterday! I recorded my usual Daily Update then Derrick finally made an appearance in Skylar’s Funny Bone Taste Test video! And seem like Derrick is building a fan base too!  Best comments I saw so far was Hot Dad Alert and Derrick is HOT! Yes. THAT KIND Of HOT!!!! LOL   A boost in his ego like this might get him to record more!

Then Skylar made two yogurt pies, one for her channel (using coconut and raspberry whipped yogurt) and one for mine (pina colada & banana)!  As usual, both are delish and a big hit with Derrick!  Now Skylar will be able to make these pies at home and can play with making all kinds of different flavor combinations!

Not sure what we are doing today.  I think Derrick said he wants to just kick back and didn’t make any plans. We will be attacking that giant desk that I want us to bring downstairs. I hope we get that done!  It will give me another work space for making videos of crafts and stuff!

Have a great Wednesday!


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Pina Colada & Banana Yogurt Cream Pie Challenge!


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Whipped Yogurt Cream Pie Challenge – Coconut and Raspberry!


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