100 Fat Quarters

I will try to have 2 more sets for the next frenzy the weekend of Oct 4. Thank you!

I have a lot of 100 Fat Quarters up for grabs!  There are 2 sets available like this.  You can see more photos showing you each print inside your exclusive platform or on ebay.

The price for the 100 Fat Quarters on ebay is $175 with free shipping to anyone in the USA. Outside USA needs to pay the shipping.  I will ship to any country that is part of ebay’s global shipping program.

The price for the 100 Fat Quarters for Patrons and Youtube Members is $150 with free shipping but I will only ship to the USA on those platforms.  If you are outside the USA you must order on ebay.

If you want to order and save big time, please join the platform of your choice.
Patreon (must join the $5.00 per month level)
Youtube Membership (join at $4.99 per month)

AFTER YOU JOIN come back here and click the link below for the platform that you joined.  Be sure you are logged in to your platform.  The link will bring you to the post with ordering info.
Patreon  or  Youtube Member
Happy savings!