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Possible FREE El Monterey Burritos at Walmart with upcoming SmartSource Insert Coupon

Okay, listen up.  I’ve got an awesome possible deal for you!  Wicked awesome!  A few things will have to fall into place for this to happen, but I want you all to do our homework NOW so you’ll be ready if the deal really and truly exists!

1.  Go to and see if your store carries El Monterey All Natural or Supreme Burrito Burritos. To do this, just choose your store then do a search for El Monterey. Then click on the item and you’ll see a page like this… you can see that Sanford carries them!

2. If your store carries them, go in and check the stock and the price and/or ask the grocery manager if you can pre-order later if you need to.

3. Cross your fingers and toes in hopes that your 10/21 SmartSource insert will have the FREE El Monterey All Natural or Supreme Burrito (up to $1.29) coupon inside. I do not see it on the Sunday Coupon Preview list, so it must be regional, like maybe you need to live on the moon. 

4. Make your entire family cross their fingers and toes in hopes that My Coupon Hunter will get those FREE El Monterey coupons in stock.  If she does, you can place an order and do a major happy dance!  You can bet those coupons will go quick, especially now that I’ve opened my big mouth about this free deal, so keep checking to see if I post the deal!  Virginia usually posts the coupons on Sunday, or maybe even Saturday night?  I can’t quite remember.  I will post as soon as I know!

5.  Make room in your freezer, just in case!

Thanks for the heads up The Wally World Woman!


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