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Did you activate the $5/$20 Charmin SavingStar offer? Works with Shaw’s sale!

Check to see if you activated the $5/$20 Charmin SavingStar offer.  If you did, you will see it in your account.  If you didn’t, I’m not sure it’s still available to activate.

Here’s the thing… Shaw’s has Charmin as part of their 4 Day Sale this week.  If you spend $20 on Charmin in one trip or many, you will get a $5 refund in your SavingStar account, assuming you activated it.

There is a limit of 4 Charmin toilet paper per day on the 4 day sale at the $4.49 price. But, if you are planning on doing it more than one day, you will hit over $20 and will get your $5 SavingStar refund!

Go see if you activated it!

NOTE: The limit on the 4 Day Sale items just means you are limited to that special price on 4 items. You are certainly allowed to buy more than 4, but you will only get the special sale price on the first 4 items.


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3 comments to Did you activate the $5/$20 Charmin SavingStar offer? Works with Shaw’s sale!

  • SamanthaRey

    Hi Darlene,

    I wanted to update you on what my Savingstar account has posted for the Charmin one or many deal, as it may be useful info for future sales. I didn’t do the full deal, and only bought 1 12-pack. I paid the 4-day sale price of $4.49. My Savingstar account was just credited with $5.49 purchased. I did not buy any other participating items.

    This may be something to remember for future 4-day sale pricing deals. Savingstar tracked the first discounted sale price, but not the additional savings with a $10 purchase. What it meant for this sale was that we only needed to buy 4 packs, not 5. I think it’s something worth remembering If the sales and couponing stars align again to give us another One or Many Savingstar deal, along with a Shaw’s 4-day extra sale.

  • Donna

    Hi Darlene, maybe you can help me. I am trying to add savingstar items to my list, but it won’t let me even though I can click on the “I want this” orange button. I get this error message “We could not activate that eCoupon because is already being used in another service”. Thanks for your help, Donna

    • Darlene

      I have no clue what that could possibly mean. I would try logging out then closing the browser then trying again. I’ve never gotten that message. Don’t give up!