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How to know when you can throw out your coupon inserts

If you still collect whole inserts (I only use clipping services now), and you use the clipless method of couponing (means you file your inserts whole and only clip as needed), you may wonder how long you have to keep the inserts before throwing them out.  I have a trick for you!

Go to my Coupon Database and click on Advanced Search.  Then click on the Source drop down menu.


You will now see a very long list of all the places you can get coupons.  I bet you didn’t know you could do that!

Let’s say you still have the 12/16/12 SmartSource insert.  Scroll down the list until you see all the SS listings.  The 12/16/12 SS is not listed, so that means all the coupons in that insert have expired!  You can throw out that insert!

Let’s say you have the 1/20/13 SS. That one is on the list, so there are still good coupons in that insert. If you choose that insert then click on Search, it will show you exactly which coupons are still good.  If there are only a few coupons that are still active, you can clip them then toss the rest!

You can check the regional coupons like this too, along with tons of other coupons, including coupons in magazines!

Have fun! 

Coupon Database


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