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Sunday Chat – My Mother Turns 94, Youtube Earnings, Quilt Block Party, Plans for Today


Happy Sunday!


I was a busy girl yesterday!  First, I recorded and uploaded my Youtube Earnings Update for the first two weeks of March?  How did I do?  Curious minds must watch!  All I know is that a year ago when I promised to show you what a realistic Youtube journey looks like, I hope those of you who started out with me, stuck with it!  We have an even more exciting journey ahead for the next year!

Then I also recorded and uploaded another quilt block for the Quilt Block Party.  Block #8 came out great!  Only 12 more blocks to go! LOL

Today, I must start working on the tote bag for my 10K Subbies giveaway.  And my subs are growing fast!  Soon I will be at 11K. So freaking exciting!

I’d love to do a Random Facts About Maine today along with another Movies I Love video. Must keep up with my schedule and I totally enjoy both of those series.

And today my mother turns 94 years old.  She loves her Birthday Quilt so much.  We are not doing anything special. Just the same old, same old around here. That’s the way we like it.  I imagine I will make her spaghetti, her favorite. And I bought her a 4 Variety Cream Cake during this Walmart Tag Along which was the type of cake she requested.

Have a great Sunday!



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