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Wednesday Chat – Sewing Shit, Toilet Paper Roll Craft, Today’s Plans


Happy hump day everyone!

It’s another gray day so I hope to get lots done today.  I think I got enough sleep. It’s not hot. No sunshine.  These are all the fixins’ of a perfect day!  Let’s get busy!

Yesterday, I uploaded another quick Toilet Paper Tube Craft.  This time I made a cute gift box.  Seriously, start saving up your tubes and use them to put the treats in for your Trick or Treaters this Halloween!  You would not even have to wrap the tubes.  You could just leave them plain and tie them off with orange and black ribbon!

I also uploaded a new video to my “shit” series. lol  I did another Can I Sew This Shit and I’m happy with that experiment!  I will be thinking up more ways to use that shelf lining.  Check it out!

I don’t think I’ll be going out today.  I feel like just staying home and working my butt off.  Stay tuned for some videos of my activities!  I do have some dreaded phone calls to make.  And I really have to book Skylar’s summer flights.  Derrick will once again be doing both trips with her, bringing her here then picking her up.

As for videos, I’m thinking I might like to record a Random Facts Quiz as those are always fun.  And maybe a Quilt Block?  Not sure yet, but I know I must get busy!

Have a great Wednesday!



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