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Easy Mix and Match Pudding Pies Recipe – Uses 3 Ready Made Ingredients!

mix match pudding pies recipe darlene michaud

Easy Mix and Match Pudding Pies Recipe

NOTE:  Please remember that I don’t eat this stuff so I did not test this recipe. I’m just posting so you can try it!


1 pkg (4 oz each) mini graham cracker pie crusts (1 pkg = 6 crusts)
4 pudding cups (3.25 oz each) any flavor
whipped topping (from can or tub)
optional: sprinkles or crushed cookie crumbles

Darlene’s Tips:  This is a fantastic pie for the kiddos.  Give them each a crust and a pudding cup in a flavor they love and put a tub of whipped cream on the table (or squirt can for even more fun) and let them make their own pie!  Offer a variety of sprinkles or cookie crumbs (even cereal, morsels, chocolate sauce, berries, sliced bananas, etc.) if you want because again… more fun!


Step 1: Fill crusts with desired flavor of pudding.

Step 2:  Top each pie with whipped topping.

Step 3:  Add desired toppings (optional)

Source and Image: ReadySetEat


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