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Thursday Chat – Youtube Comments, Youtube Earnings, No Sleep Last Night!


Happy Thursday!

I had a rough night last night.  I was wide awake until after 5:00am.  I really should have put the AC in my front room yesterday.  I must get that done today.  I was so hot last night and also bothered by general life issues.  Just a rough night.  I’ll be a zombie today, but that’s okay.  Will just do my best to carry on an normal.  A good day of working on my channel will cheer me up, I’m sure!

Yesterday, I uploaded two videos.  First, I did my Youtube Earnings Update for the first half of May.  Quite happy with the direction my channel is moving.  It’s very slow to grow, but it is growing!

Then I uploaded another I Read My Youtube Comments videos which is quickly becoming a peanut gallery favorite series.  The feedback I’ve been getting is phenomenal!  The best thing is I get to turn something I stress out over (“helpful” and “well meaning yet totally boring” comments totally stress me out) into something that entertains my audience and benefits my channel.  And I get to laugh until I cry over the over the top hate I get (those don’t stress me out, just find them totally funny).  Do love!

What’s on the list today… other than a possible nap?  lol  Lots!  Not exactly sure what I’ll accomplish, but an AC in the window is a must.  Then hopefully I’ll get Sandy Pro to help me with the big AC tomorrow.  Here are just some of the items on my “short” to do list:  6 month zc vlog, shit series, upcycled fashions, tag, rag tote tutorial, paper beads, new ebay auctions, tp roll craft.  That’s just the short list! lol  If I can knock out two of those things today, I’ll feel quite successful.

Have a great Thursday!



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