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I have been using this daily chat as my diary lately.  That’s pretty much how blogs started.  It was to document life.  A web log.  Blog.  Now that I’m bringing mine back to what it was meant to be, my views are going up.  I like that.

Yesterday I let loose in a video.  I have been completely drained by Skylar’s visit.  It’s not because Skylar is here.  I love being with her.  But it means my schedule is upside down. It means I must communicate with family members that I don’t normally chat with (family stressed me to the max).  It means I’m constantly looking at a little girl that I love and will suffer for as she goes through life’s struggles.  I hate all that.

And this video shows it.

I also had a phone fight with the postmaster over terrible mail practices.

The same video shows that, complete with a partially recorded conversation at the end.

I’m surprised by how many people sort of feel the same way I do.  You can read the comments to see what I mean. Warning, I’m finally coming out of the closet as a non-believer in god.  Not only do I not believe, I can’t believe anyone would believe that shit.  And I find it very offensive when people push god on me or on anyone.  It’s very self serving to say “I’ll pray for you” and stuff like that.  If you want to pray for me, that’s between you and your god. You don’t need to tell me about it or post that shit for others to see. Not everyone believes.  So if you push it on me, you’re going to get a smart ass reply.  So over it.

With Skylar’s trip coming to an end, I’m going to be very down and out.  Might not do any more videos with her.  I still have one to upload on her channel about the kids at the rec. Hard for me to even watch that. Everything is so painful.  I hate creating memories.

Cheerful, right? lol  Just being honest and open and real.  Don’t like it? Leave.

Have a great Friday! Darlene xoxo


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