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Saturday Chat – Shopping Today? Cutting Fabric! Must Sew!


Happy Saturday!

I woke up alone today and it was just so quiet.  Skylar slept at my sister’s house last night with her cousins Nora and Jesse.  I will be picking her up later today.  Not sure what I’ll do to kill time until then.  First, I must start by fully waking up. lol

Last night, since I was all by my lonesome, I decided to read comments.  I was free to use my naughty words. And one of my favorite words slipped out.  It always slips out but I always cut it out in the editing.  This time I left it in but as a blooper at the end of the video.  Watch if you want. Watch if you dare! lol

Not sure what I’ll be recording today.  Skylar wants some boots for school so we might head to Biddeford after I pick her up at my sister’s.  I also wanted to go to the summer concert tonight at Wells Harbor, but at the moment I’m not feeling it.  Need to wait until later to see how I feel.

Oh shit!  I have to sew for Skylar!  She has an outfit in her head that she wants me to make.  I need to get that done!  I can’t really work on that without her here, but I can at least start to get an idea of what I want to make.  I don’t think I’ll be recording any of that.  I need to just be able to concentrate with no cameras.

I also sold out of my Half Yard Cuts of fabric yesterday in record time!  They sold out in just over 2 hours.  I need to finish cutting those and get them ready for my lovely mail carrier to pick up on Monday.  He better do his job right this time!

Not too much else to say, at least not that I can think of right now.  Just feeling sad. That’s okay.  At least it’s a gray day so that always helps my mood.

Have an awesome Saturday!  Darlene xoxo


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