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Sunday Chat – Derrick Arrives Tonight… at Midnight!



Happy Sunday!

What a night!  Skylar had a very late nap then pretty much just stayed in bed after waking up from that because it was late. So she was up most of the night.  I was exhausted so I went to bed early but of course, I could not sleep.  When I did sleep, I ended up having nightmares.  Now I’m up and tired.  Skylar is sleeping.  And we need to pick Derrick up tonight… at midnight!  I hope we are both feeling up to that trip.  Especially me since I have to drive! lol

So yes, like I just said, Derrick arrives tonight.  I hope his trip goes well with no delays. The trouble with flying at night is that if you miss a connection, there are no other flights so you are stuck in the airport.  Fingers crossed that all goes well.  I have never been stranded with Southwest (knock on wood). But I have been stranded with Delta too many times to mention.  He’s flying Southwest which is my very favorite airline!  So happy they come in to Portland, Maine now.

Yesterday, I picked Skylar up from my sister’s then we headed over to Biddeford to see about boots for Skylar.  She picked out some ankle boots with a side zipper (she loved that the zipper had a tassel).  They are navy blue suede with about an inch heel.  They look just fab on her!  Very glad we were able to grab those.

Then when we got home, she fell asleep instantly so we were not able to go to the Wells Harbor concert as planned.  I didn’t mind as I was very sleepy and not looking forward to driving.  But the we both ended up having a messed up night.

Since I know I would not have much time for a video, I uploaded a Doodle Reload.  This doodle was from Feb 6, 2015.  I still have quite a few that I need to bring over to my main channel (the others are on my old craft channel). And at some point, I will be doodling again.  I tend to go through stages.  And I need new markers. lol

I also have to get fabric packages ready for tomorrow’s pickup.  And I feel quite confident my carrier will not put them out by the street this time and just leave them there. So unreal!

And don’t forget about the t-shirt dress that I have up for auction!  Please check it out!

Not sure if I’ll be able to record today or not.  Just don’t know what I feel like recording.  I need to do some sewing for Skylar, but I really don’t feel like recording that.  I need to just concentrate on the sewing. lol  But maybe I will. Who knows!

And check out this facebook comment I got last night.  Really?  Who on earth thinks it’s okay to come out and tell someone what to do like that?  I understand that many people hate my shtick.  I totally get that.  Just move on!

Have a great Sunday!  Darlene xoxo


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