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Monday Chat – Derrick is Home! Skylar is Thrilled!


Happy Monday everyone!

Derrick is home!  We picked him up at the airport late last night.  We got home around 1am then Derrick and I stayed up a bit while Skylar fell asleep in his arms.  They were so happy to see each other.

This morning Skylar checked the mail as always and there were two boxes on the porch. One for me and one for her! This is peanut gallery mail and it’s actually Monday so we will be opening the packages on video later today for Mailbag Monday and that will be the video for tonight.  This is, of course, assuming all goes as planned.

They are out right now.  Derrick likes to take Skylar around to show her stuff he likes or places he used to go.  She sees a lot with me, but she just loves seeing this town through her daddy’s eyes.  He has stories he can tell her.  She loves to hear them.

The only video I uploaded last night was the Nightcap Vlog while waiting to leave for the airport.  Oh, but you’ll see my sweet raccoon family at the beginning so please check it out!

Not too much else to blog about today.  I need to shower and get dressed and get this day started!

Have a great Monday!  Darlene xoxo


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