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Hot Deal on eBay

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Friday Chat – Fabric Friday, Crazy Day Yesterday, Better Today? We’ll See!



I was a jumbled mess yesterday. I was running on very little sleep.  My brain still had lots of energy but I didn’t have any focus abilities.  I got out of the house for a bit and hit Dollar Tree.  It was SO FREAKING HOT in that store! It was seriously like they had the heat on.  I could not stay there for long. I did a quick Tag Along Car Vlog with you in the parking lot.

As a last-ditch attempt to save the day, I went ahead and got my eBay listings up for Fabric Friday.  I have 16 new prints for you, but this time I set up 4 different listings, all for different size cuts. That way you can choose what works best for you!  You can see everything I currently have available here.  And you can watch the quickie video about the fabric here.

Today I need to do some behind the scenes blog stuff. I must!!!  And I also need to cut some fabric. Then there is the dreaded shit series that I have to decide on.  I have to give that at least one more try before I give up on it.  I will figure out a way!

And my bangs are getting way too long and they are bothering me.  I might trim them this weekend, on camera, of course.  I have an entire playlist of just my hair videos. Those are some of my most popular videos! This hair cutting video is now over 360K views!!!

Big Brother Spoiler Alert: Jessica went home as I expected. It was silly for them to even try to get us to think that Josh had any plan to get Elena out of the house. There was no one behind him on that idea.  I’m very curious to see what happens for Jess and Cody outside the house. I am learning to love them as a couple.  It was hard to sell me on them. But the thing I like is they certainly stick to their guns and they don’t apologize for how they feel or react to stuff. Just very interesting to me.

What I Have on eBay: Like I mentioned above, I have my new Fabric Friday listings up!

10 Free eBooks:  I have a nice list of freebies for you today! Includes soap making, homemade baby food, two ebooks for the kiddos and more!

Yesterday’s Walmart.com Deal: I found a fantastic deal on a Poo Emoji Small Pillow because I know everyone needs that! lol

On Derrick’s blog: Derrick found an awesome deal on some AC/DC t-shirts. They have several styles available. At the time of this post, the price went down a little bit from what he stated, so go check them out (price can change at any time).

Youtube Analytics Mini Update: I hit a $40+ day on August 9th!  But I see on the youtube creator studio app that watch time is down for August 10, so earnings will most likely drop when earnings are updated for the 10th. No biggie. I’m still very happy with how the month is starting out.  I don’t have any days under $20.

Have a great Friday! Darlene xoxo

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