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Saturday Chat – Stiffy Shit, Tag Along Today, Auctions Ending, More


Happy Saturday!

I slept off and on until past noon.  It felt good to get up that late.  It also felt terrible. lol  Now my day is flying by and I have not done anything. It’s 2:00pm and I’m still not dressed.

I need to switch gears and get busy!  I will be hitting Walmart and I’m taking you with me. You can expect a Tag Along with Me video tonight.  I would also like to do a quilt video, either embellishing a quilt block or trying out a new pattern for an easy quilt block. Not sure which yet. Not sure if I’ll even have time.

I still have fabric to cut to get ready for tomorrow’s orders.  If you feel like shopping, you can check out my eBay items and also my fabric addicts section of my blog. This upcycled fashions skirt auction ends today, so if you are watching it, don’t miss out! And I put a Harvest Home fabric panel in my fabric addicts section.

Last night I uploaded a Can I Stiffy This Shit video where I did a review on Mod Podge Stiffy and made some fabric beads.  This is more time-consuming than paper beads, but still another craft I might get addicted to!  And yes, you’ll hear me say shit often in that video. Some don’t like that.  Seems like the title would be a good warning. lol

What I Have on eBay: Like I mentioned above, I have some auctions ending today. They are the penny auctions that I listed on Manic Monday.

10 Free eBooks:  I have today’s list for you here! And some of this free music might still be available from yesterday.

Yesterday’s Walmart.com Deal: Shame on me! I didn’t hunt down a specific deal for you. But you can shop Walmart’s clearance section here.

On Derrick’s blog: I love this bass cleff heart t-shirt for any musician!

Youtube Analytics Mini Update: Looks like we’ll be hitting 22K subbies at some point today! At the time of this post I’m at 21,954.  I have been averaging 146 new subbies per day so far this month. Not sure how long that will last, but it sure is nice!  I have not yet had a 200 subbie day. I have come very close.  Let’s make 200 in one day a new goal! I will let you know when it happens.

Have an awesome Saturday!  Darlene xoxo


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