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3 FREE Box Sets of eBooks 10/11/17 – Fall Crafts & Oils, DIY for Men, Crafts & Hobbies DIY

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Please join my Peanut Gallery facebook group! It’s a drama free zone, I promise! You will get updates as to what I’m doing, what videos to expect, other inside scoop. You also get special fabric deals available only to group members. I’m currently the only one who posts there so it’s a very quiet group. I’m learning more and more each day that I’m not the only one who loves a quiet group! Go figure!

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Box Set #1 – Fall DIY: Crocheting, Candle Making And Essential Oils Recipes To Relax With On A Cloudy Day

Book 1: Fall Essential Oils: 20 Diffuser Essential Oil Blends and 10 DIY Strong Scented Candles
Book 2: Fall Crochet Patterns: 20 Cozy Fall Crochet Projects For You And Your Home

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Box Set #2 – DIY For Men (um, or women!)


Ham Radio


Homemade Weapons

Off-Grid Internet


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Box Set #3 – DIY BOX SET: 11 Ultimate Craft and Art Guides


BOOK 1. Crochet: Outstanding Lessons to Learn Basic Crochet Stitches by Amy Wells

BOOK 2. Knitting: The Ultimate Step by Step Knitting Guide for Beginners + 8 Simple Knitting Patterns by Ann Hicks

BOOK 3. Decluttering: 15 Amazing Ways to Declutter Your House by Carl Webb

BOOK 4. Minimalism: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Become a Minimalist and Organize Your Life by Gregory Graham

BOOK 5. Jewelry Making: The Best Guide to Make Jewelry for Beginners + 10 Jewelry Patterns by Diane Rose

BOOK 6. Quilting For Beginners: 18 Incredible Easy to Make Quilting Patterns by Doris Dunn

BOOK 7. How To Knit: 23 Amazing Knitting Patterns for Beginners by Judy Hudson

BOOK 8. How To Crochet: 12 Gorgeous Crochet Patterns for Beginners by Kelly Arnold

BOOK 9. How to Draw: 25 Amazing Lessons for Learning How to Draw by Joe Wagner

BOOK 10. Drawing: 23 Essential Drawing Tips for Beginners by Gerald Rey

BOOK 11. How to Draw: 15 Amazing Drawing Techniques for Absolute Beginners by Frank Olson

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