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Wednesday Chat – Tag Along Today? Crazy Quilt Ep. 3, Blast From The Past, More Stuff


It’s Wednesday!

(you can see my blast from the past video at the bottom of this post)

I got up at a decent hour.  It was 9:40am. That’s early for me so I feel like I got a good jump start on my day.

Since I’m energetic, I think I’ll hit Marden’s later to see what they have for remnants.  I also need more of that iron-on fusing that I use.  And if the price is right, I might buy some for my peanut gallery group!  I know not everyone has easy access to that stuff.  If I go, I will do a tag along. Might even bring the camera in the store!

Yesterday I was fairly productive.  I got a lot done on my blog, but only got one video up.  But hey, since when is at least one video per day considered slacking?  Only since my brain told me so. lol  I recorded Episode 3 of my Crazy Quilt Tutorial.  I have all my blocks done now!  I just need to trim them and in the next video we’ll be putting them together!

If I can get a Tag Along video up today and Ep. 4 of the quilt, I’ll consider that a good day!

Yesterday’s Recipe:  Halloween Candy Brownies

A week’s worth of Walmart Clearance Roundups!
10/10 – Girls’ Clothing!
10/9 – Once again, no roundup!
10/8 – Women’s and Junior Clothing
10/7 – I didn’t get around to a new roundup, sorry!
10/6 – Boys Clothing!
10/5 – All $5.00 or Less!
10/4 – Plus Size Jackets, Ponchos, Vest for Women

Free eBooks plus Free Music:
10 Free eBooks: I have the new 10 Free eBook Downloads list which includes a Christmas Cookie Recipes, an Eclair Cookbook, Art of Soap Making and more!
6 Free Box Sets: You can see the Free Box Sets here.
6 Free Music Downloads:  I have the Free Music Downloads here.

What I Have on eBay:  I have fabric listed but I realize one fabric has poly so the prices are reduced!!!  I also have a fabric strip lot (only 2 left) and still some Halloween fabric Fat QuartersFat Eights, and Fat 16ths. Something for everyone!

Stuff You Can Do:
FREE Home Depot Workshop – Installing Smoke/CO Alarms – 10/14/17
$2.00 Kids Club Workshop at Michael’s – Web of Friendship – Sat, Oct 14

Youtube Analytics Mini Update:  Youtube has updated through 10/9.  New net subscribers stats continue to rise. Just a little, but on the way up.  Everything else is pretty much just staying the same.  I hope to see more action during the last two weeks of the month. One thing new that I noticed is this old Quilt As You Go video from February has been appearing in my Top 10 Realtime views for the past week or more.  It has over 190K views! It would be nice if that turned into a little spike for me.   You can see my channel here.

Peanut Gallery Facebook Group Update:  We currently have 1,171 members and growing! We got some new members because I let it be known that group members get special prices on fabric before they go on eBay!  If you’d like to join my very quiet group and get my at-the-moment updates you can join here!  (I’m currently the only one who can post there, so it’s a very quiet group).

What I’m Watching Tonight:  Survivor, for sure!!!  I’m already loving this season!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Darlene

Blast From the Past Video
How to Quilt As You Go (QAYG)
Started on February 2, 2017



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