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Thursday Chat – $10K on Youtube! Maybe Shit Series Today? More Stuff


It’s Thursday!

(if you are here because you are curious about my $10K earnings on ebay, see the mini update at the bottom of this post)

I’m happy to report that since I started getting listings ready for my Fabric Frenzy on Oct 27 (you must join my very quiet Peanut Gallery group to be part of that!) I have succeeded in getting 3 listing ready per day.  I hope to continue that success so I will have at least 30 listings in all.  Right now I’m taking pics and measuring the fabric panels I picked up during this Marden’s tag along.  I can’t wait for you to see them all!

Last night I uploaded my Youtube Earnings Update for the first half of October. I’m hoping so much I can pick things up a bit!  Not sure the second half of the month will be much better.  In fact, it seems to be going downhill since the 15th.  Oh well… makes me very happy that I’m expanding to Patreon.

And speaking of Patreon, I am learning more and more about how it all works.  I am going to try to post a video on there soon.  After I do that, I’ll be inviting those who are interested in my more raunchy videos to join in on the fun!  I decided to go with a membership and not a per creation membership.  I want to be able to knock out as many videos as I want for my patrons and not worry about them paying more.  I will have certain tiers at some point for other perks. Just have to think about it all and get a good feel for how it works. So excited! So anxious! So scared! lol

Not sure what I’ll be working on for videos today.  Hopefully I’ll get something up for Patreon just so I can see how that all works before I invite anyone.  As for videos for my main youtube channel, I have a shit series video I’d love to do!  Today might be a good day for that.  And I really want to work on embellishing those old quilt blocks. Must finish that series because I promised I would!

Let’s just get right into the usual stuff.  I have lots of work to do!

On Amazon!   I ordered some of this Light Indigo Washed Denim for a future project!  I can’t wait to get it!

Stuff You Can Do:  13 Nights of Halloween Movie Schedule on Freeform for 2017

A week’s worth of Recipes (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Tablespoon):
10/18 – Candy Corn Chocolate Pie Halloween Recipe plus The Candy Corn Cookbook
10/17 – Halloween Push Up Brownie Pops – Halloween Recipe
10/16 – Wicked Easy Wicked Witch Hats – Halloween Recipe
10/15 – Candy Corn Coolers – Halloween Recipe
10/14 – Bat Cupcakes – Halloween Recipe
10/13 – Ghostly Banana Pops – Halloween Recipe
10/12 – Pumpkin Emoji Cupcakes – Halloween Recipe

A week’s worth of Walmart CLEARANCE Roundups!
10/18 – Clearance Clothing for Men
10/17 – Clearance Clothing for Girls
10/16 – Clearance Plus Size for Women & Juniors
10/15 – Clearance Halloween Costumes for Kids
10/14 – Clearance Stuff for Little Kids
10/13 – Clearance Boys’ Clothing
10/12 – Clearance Men’s Clothing

Free eBooks plus Free Music:
10 Free eBook Downloads includes Jewelry Making, Quilting, Gifts in a Jar and more!
3 FREE Box Sets of eBooks 10/19/17 – Recipes (fat bombs, smoothies, bone broth, mexican, chinese more) and DIY (sewing, gardening, knots, jewelry, more)
6 Free Music Downloads

What I Have on eBay:  Must. List. Something. Today. Must. #icantfuckingdoitall

Youtube Analytics Mini Update:  Youtube has updated through 10/17.  I have officially hit $10,000 earnings on Youtube!  So excited about that!  Most of those earnings were generated this year.  It has been a long 3 year journey but a fun one (and a very therapeutic one too). And I’m not done traveling yet as the journey continues! I also have my Earnings Update for the first half of October here.  If you for one minute think I’m bragging and this disclosure is no ones business, you are right and also wrong.  I’m proud of myself. I want to express that.  And it is everyone’s business because everyone who watched my videos made it possible.  Thank you to my awesome peanut gallery!!!  Oh, one more thing, showing stuff like earnings is wonderful click bait.  It got you to look, right?  You can subscribe to my channel here.

Peanut Gallery Facebook Group Update:  We currently have 1,286 members and growing!  If you want some behind the scenes updates you might want to join.  You can join here!  (I’m currently the only one who can post there, so it’s a very quiet group).

What I’m Watching Tonight:  Project Runway! I was so sad to see that Mychael Knight died. He was one of my very favorites on Project Runway.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Darlene

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