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Hot Deal on eBay

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Sunday Chat


It’s Sunday!

And I’m feeling indifferent.  I know I have a trip coming up… one week from today!  Ugh!  And one week after that life will start to be back to its usual routine.  I have to remember that this week will be hell for me because I hate anticipating any kind of change.

I have to go out for milk today.  That seems like a monumental task. I’d rather do 10 loads of laundry and fold everything than go out of the house.  It’s because I need to go out for other stuff too and I just don’t have it in me to shop. So I feel like going out for just milk and coming home with just that is not much of an accomplishment. And I also don’t want to record a car vlog so I feel like if I go out without my camera it’s a lost opportunity and that I was slacking.  Workaholic. It’s very hard to spend even 10 minutes not working in some way.  Even when I’m sitting in front of the TV, I’m working in my brain, thinking of new ideas, solving problems that I’m facing, planning out the next day, even planning what I’ll watch on youtube until the wee hours of the night so I can learn something new… it just never stops. And I don’t even want it too.

Let’s go back to yesterday. I recorded a Disappearing Half Square Triangle Combo easy quilt block tutorial.  I really liked it, but I have more ideas for the next attempt!  That’s what I love about experimenting. I get new ideas by just going through the steps.

Did I mention that Derrick is coming back to this blog?  He will be posting here starting some time next week.  This will hopefully be a steady gig for him.  I absolutely need the help with both our creative minds at work, we hope to bring you lots of new content.  I like to focus on frugal living (’cause, you know, I’m cheap) and all that it entails.  Lots of stuff for kids to do, for parents to do, recipes, ebooks, activities, restaurant deals, shopping deals, just so many things!  Stay tuned!

Today I must get that dreaded milk.  I might run to Cumbies (that’s Cumberland Farms, a convenience store chain in my neck of the woods) and then just run back home. No camera.  I can do this! UPDATE: I failed miserably. I ended up going to Roger’s and doing a haul video and had a mile long list if shit to talk about. And I’m thinking it will be not one, but two videos. A raw footage one for my patrons and another for my youtube audience. I was far from accomplishing a quick trip for milk.

I must also do some laundry.  I don’t mind doing laundry at all. After all, I’m not scrubbing it on a rock. I have a machine that does most of the work.  I just need a robot to put it away for me.  Until that happens, it can stay in a clean pile on my couch until I get around to putting it away, which usually happens after I’ve been picking clothing from the pile for a few days and the pile is down to about half and feels more manageable.  Holy shit, I’m totally fucked up.

I guess I should just get this day started…

What I’m watching tonight
Shark Tank! One of my favorite shows!  I love that they’ve added more sharks this season. And I think I like it on Sunday night better than Friday night.

What I Have on eBay
Nothing new.  And there won’t be anything new until after my trip.  I will be taking the Christmas Prints Cotton for quilters down in a few days since I don’t want to be processing orders during the week. Just too stressed over my trip to do that.

Walmart Clearance
Walmart CLEARANCE Roundup – Plus Size Women’s Clothing

Stuff you can do
FREE National Parks Admission on November 11 & 12 Last Day is Today!

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3 FREE Box Sets of eBooks 11/12/17 – DIY, Danish Hygge, Money Management, Simple Living, Keto, Vegan and Low Carb Recipes plus More
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Saturday Chat
3 FREE Box Sets of eBooks 11/11/17 
(some might still be free but you must check)
10 FREE EBOOKS 11/11/17 
(some might still be free but you must check)

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