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It’s Tuesday!

I had another terrible night.  I started to feel better yesterday but then my cough was horrid last night and it kept me awake. I finally slept this morning and slept off and on until noon. Makes for a very short day of work for me. I hate wasting time trying to sleep.

I did get around to recording what I was hoping would be a successful experiment! Testing Homemade Basting Spray for Quilting – Darlene’s Crafty Concoctions proved to be somewhat of a fail. Actually, a big fail. Might work with the right spray bottle (needs bigger holes) but just too much work for me.  I want to just sew, not spray and wait or spray and iron. I don’t have time for that shit!

And now I’ve discovered that my blog is not mobile friendly. WordPress must have made updates and my theme is probably not compatible.  WTF! Why does this happen now while I’m sick and I have a Fabric Frenzy on Friday???  I’m so not in the mood to deal with this.  UGH!

As for videos today, if I record anything at all it might be just a notice about Fabric Frenzy and also my Quilt Giveaway.  I don’t think I have the energy or the non-coughing voice to do more than that.  Talking just makes me cough more.

I’m so bummed about my site.  I wish there was a one click solution. And I have never hired out for help, you know… because I hate spending money. By doing it all myself, I’ve been able to teach myself more about running a blog than many “pros” know. For real.

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