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3 Recycled Animal Crafts for Kids – Bottle Cap Fishies, Jar Lid Owls, Ladybug Crawlers

. all free kids crafts darlene michaud image source: allfreekidscrafts

Here are some super fun and totally creative crafts for the kiddos!

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Bottle Cap Fishies – A lot of people throw away all parts of their bottles because they don’t know what to do with bottle caps, but make sure you keep them for awesome crafts for kids like this! (check out these bottles caps on walmart.com)

Jar Lid Owls – Jar Lid Owls look difficult because they’re so precious, but with the help of sponge applicators, kids can make these animal crafts easily!

Cute Carton Ladybug Crawlers – Crawl with cuteness into the hearts of kids. These adorable crafts with egg cartons will warm anyone’s heart, especially your wallet’s!

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