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Hot Deal on eBay

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Hot Deal on eBay

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eBay Finds for Wednesday 6/27/18

Drawstring Cardigan Blouse 2X
Auction: starts at 99¢ with free shipping! Ships from USA!

3 Pc Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter
Perfect for homemade dog treats!

Daisy Kingdom Santa Door Panel

Kids Pipe Race Track

Liquid Knit Leopard Print Blouse 3X
Auction: starts at 99¢ with free shipping! Ships from USA!

When shopping on ebay, always read the descriptions. Some items ship from overseas and can take a bit to arrive. Usually the description will state how long shipping might take. Also, for clothing, overseas sizes usually run on the small size so it’s good to order larger by a size or two. Always check the shipping charges. I’m not familiar with these sellers so please do your homework and shop accordingly. Some offer special deals like getting a free item or a percentage off if you buy a certain quantity so be sure you pay attention to that too!


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