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I Got My Set of 12 Tunisian Crochet Hooks and I Love Them!

Look a what came in the mail yesterday! And I love them!  
I finally ordered this set of 12 tunisian crochet hooks on June 10.  I paid around $5.00 for the entire set with free shipping. They came from Hong Kong and I expected to wait 2 months but they arrived in just over 3 weeks. So excited to use them!
I have not tried them yet, but some said there was an odor and that some of the hooks were rough and that the plastic cables came off but they could easily be glued back on. I have no odor, the hooks feel very smooth and my cables seem to be well attached.  I have no issues with gluing them if needed.
I hope to make a scrappy tunisian crochet afghan as part of a new youtube series when skylar leaves. Get your hooks and follow along! These are totally worth the few bucks and not-too-long wait. Love them!
If you don’t do tunisian crochet, pull or cut the cables off and you have an awesome set of crochet hooks for around $5.00!!!

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