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I have been ordering little goodies for Skylar during my eBay Finds blog series.  The stuff I order for her is all very inexpensive and the items come from overseas so they can take a while to arrive. But we are at the point that she’s getting items on a regular basis, sometimes multiple things in one week!  She loves going to the mail box.

Here are the items she has received so far:

Nail Polish – Only $1.17 to $1.24 with free shipping.
Lots of colors to choose from. Price varies by color.

Butterfly Necklace – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
Other styles available! Prices might vary.

Acrylic Paints – Only $4.50 with free shipping.
She frigging loved these!

Adjustable Mood Ring – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
She is totally into this ring and the chaning colors!
Comes in other styles too. I’ll be getting her more mood rings!

Leather Infinity Bracelet – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
She said it’s cool to be getting jewelry in the mail!

Shiny Slime Powder (many colors) – $1.15 with free shipping.
She immediately used this purple powder in slime and liked
it so much that she asked for blue. Blue is on the way!

Retro Choker and Bracelet – 99¢ with free shipping.
She thought this was cool!

Infinity Paw Bracelet (various colors) – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
She liked this one too!

Nail Art or Slime Stuff – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
Skylar was clueless as to what this was. I told her it’s nail art
but can also be added to her slime. Then she loved it. lol

Acrylic Paint – Only $5.20 with free shipping.
More paint because she loves paint!

Infinity Bracelet – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
This one was a hit too!

Foam Balls for Slime – Only 99¢ with free shipping.
I got her the multi-color pack.
She loves anything that she can mix in slime!

That’s it for now!  I’ll update again when she gets more stuff.


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