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Sneak Peek of the New Fabrics I’m Ordering Today

My fabric wholesaler sent me some pics of NEW PRINTS that he just got in (please see all images below). 

I will be placing an order for 150 yards today!  And yes, there will be an unboxing video when they come in!

I can’t pick particular prints, but I really love the looks of these, especially the mottled prints, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be happy with whatever he picks out for me.

I will try to have as many of these prints as I can in my upcoming Fabric Frenzy 20.  Yes, this will be my 20th frenzy and I want it to be BIG!  Well, it’s always big, but I want BIGGER THAN EVER!

To get in on the Fabric Frenzy 20, you must become a Patron ($5/mo) or Youtube member ($4.99/mo).  I suggest Patreon since they have a better way to navigate the site.

Patrons and Youtube Members get REDUCED PRICES and first chance to grab my new items. Leftovers get moved to my ebay store after the sale, but many sell out during the sale and never make it to ebay. 

If you want to SAVE MONEY and have lots to choose from, you will love being one of my exclusive shoppers!

Exclusive shopping is for USA only. If you are outside of the USA, you need to wait for items to appear on ebay and you must pay shipping through ebay’s global shipping program. Shipping is free for USA.


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