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2-Ingredient Apple Butter

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Easy Oven Fried Chicken

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Easy Chicken & Dumplings

Holly’s Dollies Fabric Panel

Butter Pecan Sugar Cookies – Cookie Dough Hack

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A FREE Gift for the New Year!

Join my Patreon at the $5 level Jan 1 thru Jan 5 and you will get a FREE GIFT simply for joining. No additional purchase needed!  The free gift is 40 of my little rotary cut 2 inch squares (yes, it’s a new addiction).  You can use the little squares for smaller projects like patchwork hot pads, mug rugs, a phone case, whatever! You can also make some fun 4 patch or 9 patch postage stamp quilt blocks to add to any quilt. You will get 40 squares, 10 different prints. 4 of each print. The prints are random and may not match what you see in the image.

Can I get more than one free gift?

You can!  Get one free gift for joining, then earn up to 5 more by inviting your friends to also join.  I have details inside patreon.

Why should I join?  

Because joining instantly makes you an exclusive shopper!  You will be part of my weekend Flash Sales and Fabric Frenzies. You will SAVE $$$ on my fabric because I sell to my exclusive shoppers at a lower price than I list in my ebay store.  You will also have much more fabric to choose from.  I often sell 50% to 75% of my stock during my Fabric Frenzies. During Flash Sales, I sometimes sell up to 90% of my new listings.  You are missing out on all that fabric!

Who can join?

Anyone can join, but I only ship to the USA during my exclusive sales. If you are outside the USA, you need to wait until any leftovers are moved to my ebay store. Free gifts are also for USA only.

Do I have to join Patreon? Can I become a Youtube Member instead?

At this time, I can only offer the free gift to new patrons, not new youtube members, because there is no way for me to get the info that I need through the youtube platform. Patreon makes it easier for me to keep track of things.

What are you waiting for?

Join right now and your free gift will be on the way! Be sure you include your mailing address when you join and YOU MUST CHECK THE OPTION TO RECEIVE MAIL. I have learned that patreon will not share your mailing address with me unless you check that option (I don’t see any of your info, patreon handles all that).  I will confirm that your free gift is on the way by sending you a private message inside patreon. If you join and you do not hear from me, please send me a private message inside patreon to let me know.

Thank you!


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