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My Top 10 Highest Earning Videos for Last Week (7/27/20 – 8/2/20)

Quick Snickerdoodle Cookies

Lemonade Poke Cake

Baked Cheddar Cracker Chicken

Holly’s Dollies Fabric Panel

Black Bean Coffee Brownies

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Honey Bun Poke Cake – Easy Cake Mix Hack

My Top 10 Highest Earning Videos for Last Week (6/1/20 – 6/7/20)

Below is a list of my Top 10 highest earning videos for the week of 6/1/20 – 6/7/20.  If you have not seen these videos, now is a great time to binge watch!

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June is off to a slow start.  I will not reach the magic numbers I got in May, not unless I get a few fantastic videos that perform exceptionally well.  But June should be better than April which totally sucked for me.  Up and down. Up and down.  That’s just the way it goes.

I was highly disappointed with how the Wonky Star quilt series performed.  That series never got off the ground. It was one of my worst performing quilt series yet I put so much time into it.  I just never know how something will perform. I can put out a video that I’m not thrilled about and it can go through the roof and become one of my best earners (like this one). Then I can put something out there I’m sure will succeed but barely anyone watches.

I just have to brush it off and try again!

Top 10 highest earners.  Remember, the earnings are for just the one week, not for the life of the video.

  1. How I Turn Narrow Fabric Scraps Into New Fabric – $85.41
  2. How to Quilt As You Go (QAYG) with Sashing and Self Binding – Sewing Tutorial – $71.32
  3. Watch Me Deconstruct This Fabric Panel Into 44 Quilt Blocks – $50.27
  4. Crumb Quilting Adventure – How to Start Piecing the Blocks | Ep. 1 – $41.18
  5. How to Quilt As You Go by Row (QAYG) – Rag Quilt with Lace Binding – $34.14
  6. Best Wonder Under Paper Peeling Tip Ever – Easy Peel Every Time! – $32.67
  7. Floating Wonky Stars Appliqué Quilt – It’s Done – Ep.4 – $26.20
  8. How To Make Simple Tapered Paper Beads Using Painted Paper – $24.89
  9. 1 Hour Rag Quilt – NO Cutting Blocks – Easy Quilt Tutorial – $18.06
  10.  Easy Crocheted Tote Bag – How to Crochet Tutorial for Beginners – $17.64

Total earned from these 10 videos in one week is $401.78. That falls into the pathetic zone.  Ugh!  I need to pull a few good videos out of my ass this month or I might do as bad as April. So sad. lol  Subscribe to this blog so you can follow this series and see how I do!

Thank you to everyone who watches my videos!

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