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Slow-Cooker Deep Dish Pizza

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Slow-Cooker Deep Dish Pizza Recipe

Please remember that I don’t eat this stuff so I did not make this recipe. I’m just posting so you can try it!

1 can Pillsbury refrigerated pizza crust
1/3 cup pizza sauce
1/4 lb cooked sausage, crumbled (3/4 cup)
1/2 cup sliced pepperoni (2 oz)
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (4 oz)
(see tips below)

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1:  Spray 4-quart slow cooker with cooking spray. Unroll pizza dough and fold in half crosswise. Place pizza dough in slow cooker and press in bottom and 1 to 2 inch up sides.

2:  Spread pizza sauce evenly over pizza dough. Top with half each of the sausage, pepperoni and cheese. Repeat with remaining sausage, pepperoni and cheese.

3:  Cover and cook on Low heat setting 1 1/2 to 2 hours or until crust edges are deep golden brown and cheese is melted. Remove from slow cooker to cutting board. Cut and serve.

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Darlene’s Tips:  You can use any of your favorite pizza toppings. Make sure any meat you use is cooked.

Source and Images: General Mills (Betty Crocker, Pillsbury, Tablespoon, Box Tops for Education, Que Rica Vida)


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