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About Darlene


Hello!  My name is Darlene Michaud and I stated couponing in May of 2011.  I live in Sanford, Maine in my old family home where I care for my mother.  I have a son, Derrick and a granddaughter, Skylar who live in Memphis.

If you are new to couponing, start out by visiting my Newbie Central.  And if you have questions, you can email me at  Welcome aboard!

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  • Roberta

    Hi Darlene!
    If you could e-mail me your Mailing Address, I have some rebate forms to send you.
    It’s the least I can do. You are so good to all of us.
    You can use some of them for your personal use, and use the rest for a drawing!!

  • Laura

    Hi Darlene, I didn’t know if you got the “allergy relief savings” coupon book from shaws, they handed one to me at the register a few weeks ago and then a friend gave me hers too. Last week the 24-pack of everyday essentials bottled water was on sale 2/$6 and in those books there is a coupon for $1.50 off a 24 pack, and I was able to use the two that I had making the water 2/$3. I did still have to pay for the bottle deposit which I guess didn’t save me all that much but there are some good coupons in that little book that I thought might be worth mentioning, and they’re store coupons so we can stack them. Just thought I’d ask! Thanks so much!

  • Jennifer Thurston

    Hey Darlene, I was just organizing my stockpile and I was thinking that it would be fun if you did a thing where all of your followers posted pictures of their stockpiles. You know we are proud of them so I thought it would be fun for everyone, especially you because you are the biggest reason why we all have these awesome stockpiles! I was thinking instead of the commenting on the weekly Shaws ad for the $10 giveaway, you could do a post a picture of your stockpile for the $10 giveaway and make that random as well. My stockpile isn’t the best because I don’t have the space but I am still proud of it and would love to see other peoples so please consider it :) thank you for all that you do!!

  • I was wondering what day of the week you post the upcoming Shaws sale flyer? Trying to plan ahead :)

  • Wendy

    HI Darlene
    CVS in Sanford just put out a ton of diapers near the front of the store. 75% off. There are packs of Luvs, Goodnites, Huggies and big boxes of Pampers. I was there at around 11am (Wed.) and they didn’t have a sign on them yet so scan away.!!

  • Wendy

    Hi Darlene,  I just went to Walgreens (in Sanford) today (4/30) and was told that my coffee coupon had expired.  The coupon says Expires 4/30.  He was trying to tell me that the last I could use this coupon was the 29th.  Have you ever heard of this?  In my experience, the last day to use a coupon is the date stated.  Please advise.

    • darlenemichaud

      I will ask a manager next time I go in.  Coupons are GOOD on the day of expiration.  However, no policies ever point this out. I was told that at Walmart before too but I insisted and they took it.

    • lynn

      no you can use it till the date.:)

  • Kpetrie828

    Hi Darlene, I know you are in Maine, but I wanted to tell you about a GREAT children’s consignment store in Londonderry, NH.  I just went there and got some AWESOME deals. There was such high quality clothing and gear for 1/4 of the retail price.  I was completely overwhelmed.  My boys are ready for summer!  I found a 50% off coupon in the local paper (The Londonderry Times) and made out like a bandit.  It’s called Little Bye Buys Boutique and they are online and on Facebook…  I wish I knew how to tell other moms in the area about it!

  • Coupondad75

    Send me an email to and I can send you the Hannaford pdf for the $2.00 good tell the 30th.

  • Sue

    Darlene,  I met you a few months back at Shaws over near the couscous and you gave me your card.  I finally found the time to visit your site (and am enjoying it).  I noticed on your $12 challenge that you used (7) $2 OYO coupons and (7) transactions at Hannaford.  Did you do all of the transactions in one visit?  It says One Coupon Per Household so I wasn’t sure if I had to keep going in and make separate purchases.  Thanks! 

    • darlenemichaud

      They have never had a problem letting shoppers use a coupon each time, and I’ve been using their various One Per Household coupons for almost a year now.  I never do more than 2 transactions at a time. Then I put those in the car and sometimes go back and do one or two more. Then I’ll go back later in the day if I happen to be going by. I often go to the actual cashier and never once have they stopped me from doing more than one transaction. :O)