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See My Plus Size Tunic on eBay!

IMG_2797 (2)

I have a new tunic on eBay!  I hope to be bringing you some garments on a regular basis.  Please know that I am not taking any custom orders at this time.  And all auction items will be shipped at the measurements shown on the auction listing. No alterations. Have fun bidding!

Tunic on eBay

Video of me making and modeling this tunic


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Monday Chat – Did You Watch My Dye My Hair?


Happy Monday everyone!

If Monday means back to work for you, I hope you have a fantastic week!  All the days are basically the same for me. Every day is a work day, which I love!

Did you see my new hair dyeing video?  It was quite the sweat fest! lol  But I love how the color turned out.  Be sure you watch!  And can you guess what movie those lines were from that I mentioned while I was in the shower? lol

I want to point out a fantastic milestone by Dolly Green!  Her first video where she arm wrestles her son now has over 2,000 views! And her new video, the rematch, quickly got over 1,000!  Way to go, Dolly and Shawn!

Have a great Monday!




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Sunday Chat – Youtube Milestones plus My Shirt and Fashion Show!


It’s Sunday!

Let’s start with a few Youtube milestones, okay?

Dolly Green reached 100 subbies!  And she posted an adorable quickie video of herself and her most lovely dog, Pearl, playing in the yard. Please check it out!

Shawna Arsenault also reach 100 subbies!  You can see her channel here. Be sure you watch her before and after hair videos!  The first attempt was a fail, and the fix was freaking fantastic!!!

Sandy Pro now has 2 videos that have reached over 1,000 views!  Her Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Pie and her Artificial Cemetery Floral Arrangement! I’m thinking Baked Tomatoes might be next!

Last but certainly not least, The Solo Life went from 8 subbies to well over 50 with lightning speed! Kevin is the person who gave me this awesome Thank You Shoutout which has now reached almost 300 views!  You must watch his Hotel Sneak Peek from his trip to see how a grown man acts in his hotel room.  Just too funny!!!  It’s only one minute, do watch! (I wonder if Derrick does this when he’s on the road? LOL)

Other than that, I will be working on some kind of video today, but not sure what.  Last night I uploaded my newest shirt video along with a fashion show, and I will be putting this one on eBay, so if it’s something you like and looks like it might be your size, be sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel so you will know when it’s up for auction!

Have a great Sunday!



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Saturday Chat – Voice Overs and Upcoming Videos!


Happy Saturday!

Before I forget, I want to once again give an heartfelt Thank You to Kevin over on The Solo Life!  He said some awesome things about me in his recent video. His words helped me find my passion for encouraging others to try Youtube again!  I lost that passion during my recent bout of depression.  I’m getting it back! And I see that Kevin is very close to getting his first video with 100 views!  Great job, Kevin, and thank you again!

And Dolly Green reached 100 Subbies!!!  Way to go, Dolly!

Last night I did my first voice over video, and it was an editing nightmare!  Thank goodness I enjoy editing. But this task was daunting.  I’m almost discouraged to try again, but I am determined to nail this type of video (no pun intended, lol) because it really will free me up to be more creative.  Check it out!

I have a few things I’d like to do for videos soon. One is dying my hair. Another is sewing, but not sure if it will be another shirt for me or just something else for fun.  And I think it’s getting to be concoction time too! Stay tuned!

Have a great Saturday!



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Friday Chat – New Doodle Art and Possible Nail Polishing Video


It’s Fri Fri!  And a bright and sunny one too.  I was told it was raining earlier, but I slept through that.  I didn’t get up until almost 1:00pm!

Last night I uploaded my newest Doodle Art to my main channel.  Quite sure I’ll be phasing out my craft channel and just putting my crafty stuff on my main channel from now on.  Just trying to cut back a bit on the madness. One channel to upload to means just one channel to stress over! lol

Today I’d like to try my hand at creating my first video that is entirely done with a voice over.  Not even sure how to attempt it. But I have some nail polishing footage to practice with, so let’s see if I can do it!

Have a great Friday!




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Thursday Chat – Mandoline Review, Hair Dye, My Nails


Happy Thursday!

I hope today finds everyone in good spirits!  I’m doing better, but anxiety is kicking in.  I guess, in a way, that’s better than depression.  It’s all part of depression.  Let’s move on to another subject. lol

I did a review yesterday on an item that a company sent me!  Gotta tell you, hard to promote something that I find is way too expensive!  Prices on amazon change often, and when I agreed to the review, the price was much lower. It was fun just the same. I hope to do more!

So far, I love the way I’m handling the youtube comments.  I currently have it set up so that all comments go to review before being shown to the public. That gives me time to read them only when I’m in the mood.  This method has completely stopped my trolls, but they are not really the reason I’m doing this.  I have a hard time with even nice comments. Just have a hard time receiving and reacting to compliments.  Odd duck.

Not sure what’s on my agenda for today, but I can say that I hope to be doing a hair dying video very soon, like maybe over the weekend!  I’m going with Soft Black this time. And I also have some new nail polish to try out!  I’ll be recording a new nail video too!

Have a great Thursday!



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Wednesday Chat – Tag Along plus I Booked a Flight to Memphis!


Happy hump day everyone!

Did you see?  Did you see?  I recorded a Tag Along yesterday!  Yay!  I can tell by my face, even before I shopped and I was not tired and hot yet, that I look horrible.  It’s like depression even affects my skin.  But I’m on the upswing, so let’s just go with that! lol

I hope to record the mystery box review today.  I really want to get that done.  And I’ll soon have another doodle ready to edit.  I think my next doodle video with be a tutorial, a basic how to start doodling video to get others to try their hand at doodling!

Not much else going on.  Oh, I booked a flight to visit Skylar and Derrick!!!  That’s in October.  I can’t wait!!!

Have a great Wednesday!


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Tuesday Chat – 5 Random Facts plus Today’s Plans


I hope you are having a good Tuesday! Mine is starting out with some of the fog of depression lifted.  I decided that turning comments off on my videos was causing me more stress than leaving them on, so I’ve switched to a happy medium. They are on, but all comments must be approved by me before they show up.  I think this is a good way for me to do it for a bit. Then I don’t worry about trolls and I get to read the personal and good comments in private, which for some odd reason makes them easier for me to receive. I’m not good a receiving kindness! lol

Last night I uploaded a new 5 Random Facts video and I’d love it if you hope on over there to watch it.  I need to get my mojo back!  I also started watching videos by other peanut gallery members and I want very much to get back to promoting these new and upcoming stars!  I was very passionate about promoting others but my passion got lost for a little bit due to depression.  I think it’s coming back!

Today, once again, I hope to get dishes done so I can do my unboxing and review on that mystery item that I got.  The box contents is not a mystery to me, but it is to you! I think it will make for a fun video, but I just need to feel fun first. Come on fun Darlene, get with the program! lol

I also want to make another shirt and also do another nail polishing video. Oddly enough, I’m getting quite a few requests to do my nails on camera again.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been supporting me though this bout of depression!  I’m very lucky to have you and I’m actually able to feel that again, so that’s a very good sign!  I hate it when I feel nothing.  But my feelings are returning as the fog lifts.  So now when I say I totally appreciate your support and understanding, I actually mean it! :O)

Have a great Tuesday!



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Monday Chat – Depression Lingers



I’ve been at one of my lowest points for a week now. What a long, tough week it has been!  I feel like I’m losing my mind, my business, my online family, all of that.  And it’s all because of who I am, the real me. I don’t think the real me is very likable.

I’m struggling to get through this and will just keep my head above water.  I have a silly unboxing and review to do, and I’m so NOT in the mood to do that, but I would like to try maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Depression.  Please go away.



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