Darlene’s Ebay Listings


Peope are always asking how they can find me on ebay so I’m giving you the link!

Click here to see my ebay listings!

I have been selling on ebay off and on since 2000.  At one time, for eleven years, ebay was my main source of income.  Now I dabble with it as I have time since youtube is my current full time gig (I have an asmr channel too).

Please note that I do not always have items listed on ebay. I sell when I’m in the mood to sell.

Many of my auctions start at ONE PENNY with FREE SHIPPING!  I also list fixed price Buy It Now items.

If you love, love, love fabric, please consider becoming one of my $3 patrons. Patrons get early bird specials during my Fabric Frenzies! You’ll save a bundle as a patron!

And if you just want to know tidbits about what I’m up to, please join my Peanut Gallery facebook group. I promise, no drama in that group. I turn comments off. No one can post or comment but me. My world. My way. Go figure.  lol