Patreon: Jan-Mar, 2019

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March 2019

More Useless Info About the Free Book List lol

I Read My Facebook Comments

Hot Mess with Bad Hair

Nice Comments That Drive Me Nuts

Super Busy

Fabric Frenzy Day Plus Tears

Concoction for My Mother

Making Changes to the Free Kindle Book List

My Busy Day

Struggling Big Time

Random Ramblings

Back Pain Sucks

General Complaints – People Drive Me Nuts

Snippets – Weekend Edition

Why Does My Hair Do Shit Like That?

I’m Making Changes to Patreon Levels

Check Out My Mother’s Pancakes

Upstairs Clutter – What Did I Toss Out Today?

Back To Just Beef Plus I Share My Weight

Back to Square One with My Lovely Meat

February 2019

Damage Control for Yesterday’s Video

I’m a Hot Mess Today

Exciting Yet Scary Temptations

Full Tour of the Upstairs of My House

Having Guests Tonight… Overnight

Hoarder Confession – Can’t Toss an Empty Candy Box

How I Really Feel After Traveling

Must Go Out Today, Do Hate

Snippets of My Weekend

Meat Soup, Saving Money, Penny for Groceries Story

Yesterday’s Adventure plus Poly Bags Update

Change of Plans – Heading to Urgent Care

Listen to My Walmart Customer Service Call

Getting Back to My Daily Schedule

January 2019

Chit Chat – Hannaford, Fabric Frenzy, Other Stuff

Getting Stuff Done, Sorta Kinda

The Calm After the Storm

Therapy Session Time

Snippets Of My Day – Road Rage

Letting Go of 7 Years of Schedules – Life of a Somewhat Hoarder

Snippets of My Day – Food, Pee, Business

The Truth Behind My Stress – Exclusive Video

Snippets of My Weekend – Stress Alert!

Snippets of My Day

Snippets – Collecting My Pee for 24 Hours plus Other Stuff

Snippets – New Tunic Sneak Peek, Phone Call, More Personal Stuff

Snippets of My Day – Cooking, Cleaning, Getting Personal

Snippets of My Weekend

Snippets – Ride Along Chat, Decluttering Woes, Returned Packages

Snippets of My Day – Meat, Fabric, Crochet, Crying

Snippets – Cooking My Lunch & Fabric Panels

Snippets – Decluttering Fabric

Snippets of My Day

Affiliate Link Secrets – How Bloggers Earn Money

OCD and Other Stuff – Can’t Stop Talking

After the Frenzy Rambling

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