Patreon: Oct-Dec, 2018

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December 2018

Are You Fucking Kidding Me???

Impromptu House Tour

I Read a Poorly Written Free Ebook – This is Funny Shit!

My New Task

Chit Chat

I Play Would You Rather

Surgery Update

Tired, Stressed, Worried, Scared, Mad

Getting Shit Done Update

I Read My Depression Post from 5 Years Ago

Health Care Coverage Shitshow

When Shit Hits the Fan

November 2018

Chit Chat – Stressing Out

Am I Doing My Chores? Time Management Series

Surgery Update – Stress Alert

Car Vlog Complaints

Youtube Memberships – Good News for Patrons

My New Schedule – Time Management Series

Chit Chat – Upcoming Surgery

Getting Back to Work!!!


About Friends

Patreon Changes Tiers – Without Notice! lol

So Many Changes – Good Ones – I Think! I Hope!

UM… WHAT? How I’m Changing My Life

New Series – 100 Blocks Per Day! Time Management

Concerned About My Use of Fleece?

Looking Ahead – My Future with Patreon

Scam Email – I Laughed Until I Choked

October 2018

Very Boring Video ugh

Potty Mouth Chat

How I Save Lots of Money!!! You Can Do This Too!!!

I’m Making Scary Patreon Changes

Marzia Quits Youtube

Damage Control – or I might be making things worse lol

Possible Patreon Exclusive Videos Idea

A New Stalker?

New Health Care Coverage

I Try to Read to You LOL

Funny Comments and Other Shit

Reading a Strange Message

How I Spent My Day

Why I Can’t Get Personal on Patreon

There is No Part 4

Standing Up for Myself – Part 3

Standing Up for Myself – Part 2

Standing Up for Myself – Part 1

My Take on Lying – Story Time

IRS Update

When is it Too Late to Tell the Truth?

Fabric Frenzy Paypal Fiasco

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