Patreon: Oct-Dec, 2017

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December 2017


Personal Life Update with Tears

Boring Chat About Bullshit Stuff

I Read and Reply to a Comment

Mostly UNcut and Totally UNcensored Tag Along that Got Personal

I Read Youtube Comments and My Replies

Potty Mouth Nightcap – Why I Don’t Apologize for Swearing

Good News! Patrons NOT Paying Fees!!!

Potty Mouth Nightcap

Patreon Fees and Other Stuff

Personal Update

Patreon Stats for November 2017

Funny Penis Stories from My Past

November 2017

Not Much of an Update

Going Home, Louis CK, God, Comment Rant – Just Plain RAW!

Calling Out the Woman Who Suggested I End My Life

Heading to Memphis and Mother Update

It’s a Train Wreck Kind of Day

Mostly UNcut and Totally UNcensored Car Vlog

I Read My Youtube Comments

Mostly UNcut and Totally UNcensored Tag Along to Walmart

Patreon Stats for October plus Insights on How Patreon Works

Potty Mouth Chat – Just Checking in with My Patrons!

Mostly UNcut and Totally UNcensored Marden’s Haul

October 2017

Making Some Changes to Patreon Tiers

Outtake – My Cashier Rant

Potty Mouth Snippets of My Day

Potty Mouth Nightcap

Update about Patreon Stuff

Would You Rather – Gross Out Edition – I Will Never Be the Same After This!

Filmora Editing Software Mess

My Indigestion Felt Like a Heart Attack – Potty Mouth Chat


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