Patreon: Jan-Mar, 2018

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March 2018

Have Fun, Be Safe, Drive Carefully and Other Shit People Say

I Played True or False for Kids and Failed

I Read My Youtube Comments

Zero Carb Update – 16 Months of Meat

Nightcap plus Would You Rather


Fake Hate Plus Other Comments

Potty Mouth Ramblings plus You Get to Hear My Mother’s Voice

She Wrote Back!

February 2018

Aftermath of My “Why I Hate Advice” Video

Why I Hate Advice, Like Really Hate it

Personal Update – Melting Point

Let’s Analyze This Lovely Comment

Did I Go Too Far This Time?

My Epic Reply to the Woman Who Snail Mailed Me About Swearing

WTF? I Got Scolded via Snail Mail for Swearing

Zero Carb Update – What Happened When I Gave Up Dairy?

Marathon Comment from a Disgruntled Patron

Things I Don’t Love About Patreon

Potty Mough Nightcap – I’m a Freaking Mess

Patreon Stats for January 2018

January 2018

Nightcap Ramblings

Nightcap Ramblings

Can I Eat This Shit?

Potty Mouth Nightcap

Potty Mouth Ramblings

Nightcap Ramblings

I Revisit the Online Dating Site

Zero Carb Update – 14 Months – Am I Still Eating Just Meat?

Nightcap – Life Update and Other Stuff

Potty Mouth Nightcap plus a Comment

Testing the Recording Patterns on the Blue Yeti

I Fell On My Ass Today


Testing the Blue Yeti Microphone

Patreon Stats for December 2017 – Zero to $700 in 2.5 Months!

Blue Yeti Pro – Do Not Like


Potty Mouth Nightcap – Video Slump, ASMR Microphone, Other Shit

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