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SOLD OUT Large Elephant Fabric Panel

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This panel is from my personal stash. It was just washed and tumble dried so it has been pre-shrunk. It’s in awesome condition, no stains, no holes.

This fabric panel is 100% cotton.  I don’t know the brand of fabric.  I’m thinking I purchased this in the early 2000s.

Size is about 39 inches wide by 33 inches tall.  I measured this edge to edge of the decorative border. There is also a generous seam allowance of black fabric around the border as seen.

This can be used as is for a quilt top or can be used in many other projects.  You could also cut it to use various parts of the print in quilt blocks.

I only have 2 available unless I find more in my stash later. Hurry!

Large Elephant Panel
$10.00 + FREE Shipping
(US Only)


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