Youtube Earnings Update for April (Entire Month)

I Read Shaw’s Supermarket Facebook Comments!

10 FREE eBooks you can download from Amazon Today 4/28 – NO Kindle needed!


Thank you for sharing this roundup, See Mom Click!
My readers love your daily free ebook list!!!

Below are 10 FREE eBooks that you can download from Amazon. Please note that these eBooks are only free for a little while, then they go back to regular price. Always check to see if they are still free.

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Free eBooks – price can go up at any time, so hurry if you want them!

You can find lots more FREE eBooks here!

Want more Kindle deals? Check out all the Kindle Daily Deals and this month’s batch of 100 books for $3.99 or less.

Thanks again, See Mom Click!


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Thursday Chat – Skylar’s Maine Vacation, Simply Shaw’s Coupons, New Doodle!


Happy Thursday!

I woke up ecstatic today because I booked the flights for Skylar’s summer vacation in Maine last night!  Derrick will be flying her back and forth this time, so all I get to do is sit back and wait for her to arrive.  I’ll have her 5½ weeks this year, her longest visit so far (last week was 5 weeks, so not too much longer).  She arrives on June 13 and goes back on July 21.  I can’t wait for her to be here!!!

I uploaded my latest doodle on my craft channel last night too. Please check it out!

For those of you who are still into couponing, I posted the new coupons on Simply Shaw’s and also posted the long list of coupons that will disappear on April 30.  Be sure you check out those coupons!

Have a great Thursday!



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Doodle Art by Darlene #25


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Daily Update for 4/28/16 – I Booked Skylar’s Flights!!!


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Tag Along with Me to Hannaford and Roger’s Supa Dolla


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Monday Chat – Expect a Tag Along Video Tonight!


Happy Monday!

I have a small grocery list so today I will be going out for a bit. I’ll turn that outing into a Tag Along video for tonight. I won’t be bringing the camera in the store since I plan on hitting Hannaford, but will chat with you from my car.  I might hit Roger’s Supa Dollar too.  All depends on how I feel once I’m out.

I posted my first Fan Mail video last night!  That was super fun, even though it’s quite stressful for me to deal with mail. But I plan on going forward with getting a PO Box because I’ve gotten quite a few requests to get one. And opening the mail on camera will be fun!

If you are a trained wordpress VA who knows how to post grocery store deals and you need to pick up a bit of work, please contact me! I’d love to keep my Simply Shaw’s blog up and running, but I just don’t have the time for it. You can email me at if interested.

Now I’m off and running!  Have a great Monday!



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Daily Update for 4/25/16 – Look at what I found in the fan mail yarn!!!


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I Open My Fan Mail


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Youtube Tip – How to Add Video Sections to Your Youtube Homepage


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Help Me Clean My Junk Drawer!


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