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Tuesday Chat – 5 Random Facts plus Today’s Plans


I hope you are having a good Tuesday! Mine is starting out with some of the fog of depression lifted.  I decided that turning comments off on my videos was causing me more stress than leaving them on, so I’ve switched to a happy medium. They are on, but all comments must be approved by me before they show up.  I think this is a good way for me to do it for a bit. Then I don’t worry about trolls and I get to read the personal and good comments in private, which for some odd reason makes them easier for me to receive. I’m not good a receiving kindness! lol

Last night I uploaded a new 5 Random Facts video and I’d love it if you hope on over there to watch it.  I need to get my mojo back!  I also started watching videos by other peanut gallery members and I want very much to get back to promoting these new and upcoming stars!  I was very passionate about promoting others but my passion got lost for a little bit due to depression.  I think it’s coming back!

Today, once again, I hope to get dishes done so I can do my unboxing and review on that mystery item that I got.  The box contents is not a mystery to me, but it is to you! I think it will make for a fun video, but I just need to feel fun first. Come on fun Darlene, get with the program! lol

I also want to make another shirt and also do another nail polishing video. Oddly enough, I’m getting quite a few requests to do my nails on camera again.

I want to say THANK YOU to all of you who have been supporting me though this bout of depression!  I’m very lucky to have you and I’m actually able to feel that again, so that’s a very good sign!  I hate it when I feel nothing.  But my feelings are returning as the fog lifts.  So now when I say I totally appreciate your support and understanding, I actually mean it! :O)

Have a great Tuesday!



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5 More Random Facts You Never Need to Know About Me! # 36 – 40


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Monday Chat – Depression Lingers



I’ve been at one of my lowest points for a week now. What a long, tough week it has been!  I feel like I’m losing my mind, my business, my online family, all of that.  And it’s all because of who I am, the real me. I don’t think the real me is very likable.

I’m struggling to get through this and will just keep my head above water.  I have a silly unboxing and review to do, and I’m so NOT in the mood to do that, but I would like to try maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Depression.  Please go away.



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Youtube Earnings Update for August (First Half)


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Coffee Talk – I Survived My Comment Experiment! (plus I read a viewer’s snarky comment!)


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Sunday Chat – My Turning Comments Off Youtube Experiment


It’s Sunday!

I know I’m late with this chat update, but I’m trying very hard to not stress over stuff, so my timing might be off for a bit, or forever. lol

I uploaded a video last night! I went a whole 4 days without being on camera.  That’s after creating 370 videos for 5 months straight without missing a day.  Someone please remind me that in 5 more months, I can take a few days off again!

Last night’s video is very different for me. I talk more about my odd duck ways and explained why I’m temporarily turning comments off my new videos. It’s a scary experiment, but I’m doing it just the same.  I also have a follow up video that will be uploaded soon, so please check for that one later.

I will also try to record my youtube earnings update later tonight.  I have been getting lots of questions asking me if I’ll still be doing that, and so far the answer is yes. Stay tuned!

Have a great Sunday!



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I’m Back – Sorta Kinda


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Saturday Chat – Will Try to Record Something Today


Breaking News!!!!  I will try to record something today.   If I don’t start now, I never will. I will probably just be talking about a few changes I’m making.  I’m not really up to this at all, but I really feel like I need to push through it.

I just got a call that a PT is coming over for my mother today, so I’ll try to record after that.  No clue how long she’ll be here.

Stay tuned!



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Doodle Art by Darlene #28


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