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Daily Update for 6/23/16 – Hair Cutting & Dying Update!!!


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Thursday Chat – Another Busy Day Planned!


Happy Thursday!

Yesterday, Skylar recorded her first video all on her own!  I did not help her with the camera at all. She recorded herself creating masterpieces with play-doh. She also chose the music. I did the editing. I put it all in fast speed except for the outro. I hope you enjoy!

We also knocked out a new concoction video yesterday. This one is great for the 4th of July!

Today, we hope to hit the thrift store again and if we find any treasures, we’ll be doing a thrift store haul video for you. We also have another concoction video that we need to finish up today, so that will also be up later.

We are also planning to do my hair cutting video this weekend, maybe Sunday! Hair dying will follow maybe a week after that. Skylar will be helping with my hair cut but will totally be dying my hair all by herself with no help from me. She has done it twice before, so she’s a pro now! Stay tuned!

Have a great Thursday!



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Skylar’s First Video that She Recorded All By Herself!!!


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Darlene and Skylar’s Concoctions – Red, White and Blue Parfaits for 4th of July


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Wednesday Chat – Took Last Night Off but Lots of Video Plans for Today!


Happy hump day everyone!


Skylar and I went out yesterday with camera in hand, but I didn’t do any recording. It was just too hot and we were also not successful with out shopping trip. The Goodwill store in Biddeford was so expensive that we left empty handed. We are too spoiled by the super low prices at Another Chance thrift store in North Berwick.

Then we hit Big Lots and once again, bought nothing. Then off to Walmart we went, but since we were in Biddeford and I rarely shop there, we had no clue where anything was, so shopping was frustrating. We picked up just a few things that we needed and home we went!

We did start a concoction video but didn’t get to finish it. We will finish it today. There were no videos yesterday other than our Daily Update and a Nightcap.  I think I’m the only youtuber I know who can upload two videos and still consider it a non-video day! lol

Today we have lots of video plans, so stay tuned!  It should be a fun hump day!

Have a great Wednesday!


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Daily Update for 6/21/16 – Skylar and I are Off Gallivanting Today!


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Tuesday Chat – Did You See the Ivory Soap Explode? Possible Plans for Today!


Happy Tuesday everyone!

I had quite the night last night. Skylar fell asleep before midnight (small miracle) but I could not fall asleep. Finally started to get sleepy around 2:30am and Skylar woke up! We were up until close to 4:00am. So, not much sleep for either of us!

Yesterday, we did an unusual video showing you what happens when you put Ivory soap in the microwave! I’ve been seeing this experiment all over the web for a long time now, and we finally did out own video about it!

My mother’s assistant comes over today, so Skylar and I will be going out while she’s here. We need to pick up a few things at the store and maybe also hit a library or thrift store. So our video today might be something along those lines. We are also working on an ongoing speed cleaning project and I really need to get another pet montage up!

Have a great Tuesday!



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Let’s Put Ivory Soap in the Microwave!!!


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Daily Update for 6/20/16 – I Survived Week #1


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Monday Chat – I Survived Week #1


Happy Monday!

Skylar has been here for one week now and I survived! The house is a bit of a disaster, but I’m doing fine other than just not getting enough sleep. And I’m quite aware that we will not have enough time to do all the things I hoped we could do. But we sure have been busy every day, so we really can’t do more than that!

Yesterday we recorded a Concoctions video! And it really turned out to be a concoction because I had a very hard time following that simple recipe. I guess it’s because I rarely follow them, so my head was getting the ingredients mixed up. It still turned out delish!

Not sure what we will do today, but I know we need to go out for potatoes. Skylar loves baked potatoes and has one every night for a snack. But I just gave the last potato to my mother for her lunch so we need more!

Did I mention the house is a mess? I hope to get some of that cleaned up today!  Will I even get close to starting that task? Only time will tell! lol

Have a great Monday!



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