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What I’m Watching On TV Today and Tonight 1/20 – The Inauguration and The Inaugural Ball

capitol hill inaguration darlene michaud

NOTE:  I still watch TV like in the olden days!  I don’t watch DVDs.  I don’t record stuff to watch later.  I don’t watch online.  I’m a dinosaur!  If you are too, hang out with me to see what I’m watching!

I will be glued to CNN all day today and tonight for the inauguration and all that it unfolds.  The Inaugural Ball starts at 7:00pm.

The Inauguration and Inaugural Ball – Friday, 1/20/17 all day and night on CNN (and many other channels).  Ball starts at 7:00pm eastern on CNN (and many other channels)

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What I Ate Yesterday – Day 64

darlene michaud zero carb way of life meat only diet

Yesterday – Thursday 1/19 – Day 64

When I got up, I had my usual cup of coffee with milk (trying milk now instead of HWC).

At 4:15pm, I ate what you see in the plate above. I really wanted to show you a beautiful fillet of haddock, but it was very flaky and it broke up.  But it was fantastic!!!  The other stuff on my plate is sliced beef and bacon ends.  First, I cooked the beef and bacon ends in my frying pan in butter.  Then I dumped that out but left the pan as is with bits of bacon ends remaining.  I added more butter and fried my haddock in that same pan.  I love pepper on my haddock so I sprinkled some on it.  OMG, this was out of this world!  I will be buying more haddock soon and will be showing you how I cook it in a future video.  I ate about 3/4 of what you see on the plate and saved the rest for later.

At 4:30pm, I had a decafe with milk.

At 1:00am, I got hungry.  But I had a problem.  There was a MOUSE hiding on my kitchen counter.  I was so freaked out!  Any time I approached the sink, that mouse would come out and run around then go behind my microwave again.  I could not cook anything with that mouse scaring me half to death, so all I did was grab the leftovers from my meal above and ate that cold.  It was not enough, but it’s all I could do.  I did have some milk too.  And yes, that mouse still lives here. I’m sickened.

Food that entered my mouth yesterday: haddock, beef shoulder roast, bacon ends, butter, milk, coffee, pepper, lots of water.

You can watch THIS VIDEO to learn why I’m doing this.

This is the facebook group I’m in.  It’s a public group so you can read the posts without joining.

I will be talking about this new way of life often on my Youtube channel, so please subscribe and you won’t miss a thing!

This is the article that I stumbled upon by Kelly Hogan which got me immensely excited.   And this is Kelly’s blog.

PLEASE READ: Please remember that it’s MY CHOICE to eat the way I want. If you think this is unhealthy, know I’m not as concerned with physical health. I’m more concerned with my mental health. I’m on a mission to feel better mentally… without cravings!!! I’m willing to test this so you don’t have to! But what works for me might not work for you. I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m doing this because I’m convinced that I’m overly sensitive to carbs and that I must stay away from them if there is any chance of me feeling better. I’m eating from the animal kingdom only, like the complete opposite of vegan. I know this upsets many, but I promise I won’t eat your pets. You are free to follow my progress/failures and you can even disagree with what I do. Just remember that I will get the last word because it’s my blog, my channel, my life! That’s the new me talking! (I think I’m growing balls! Let me look… yes, I see one starting to grow!)


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Friday Chat – Off Prozac, Polish the Look Giveaway, Mouse in the House!!!



It’s a gray day which is perfect for me!  Yay!  Let me tell you about my night.  I have a mouse in my house.  UGH!!!  I was doing my dishes last night and when I put my pie plate on the counter (I eat my meat in a pie plate, lol) a mouse ran out from the corner of the counter and spun around and went back.  I was not happy!  It’s still here, somewhere.  I must find the hole that it came from and block it.

Did you see the awesome giveaway that Lizzy over at Polish the Look has running?  You could win an impressive nail art set!  You can see the giveaway and the prize here!  I hope you win!

Yesterday, I uploaded a Tag Along to Roger’s video and I chatted with you a bit in the parking lot.  In that video, I explained that I took myself off Prozac now and I’m letting the meat control my mental health.  I get lots of questions as to why meat works, and it’s not something I can easily explain.  But I know it’s working for me and for many others too.  I promise I will be talking about this much more because there seems to be great interest.

Not sure what I’ll be uploading today, but for sure I will be announcing something fun and exciting for my peanut gallery members who are also Youtube content creators.  If that’s you, stay tuned!

Have a great Friday!



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Easy Lemon Loaf Recipe – Only 4 Ingredients

Easy Lemon Loaf recipe betty crocker darlene michaud

NOTE: I get messages asking me why I post these types of recipes while I’m following a zero carb animal kingdom only food plan.  My answer is because I’m following ZC, but I bet you’re not! Just because I eat a certain way does not mean I have to limit myself to sharing only meat recipes. I’m not the carb police! lol

Be sure you check out what I eat everyday!!!


Easy Lemon Loaf Recipe


1 box Betty Crocker SuperMoist white cake mix
2 containers (6 oz each) Yoplait Original yogurt lemon burst
1/2 cup butter, melted
2 eggs
optional: 1 tablespoon grated lemon peel
optional: 2 teaspoons coarse sugar

Darlene’s Tip: You do not have to buy brand name items.  You could certainly skip the lemon peel and use a lemon flavored cake mix.  Any lemon yogurt should work fine.  You could make a simple glaze for this by mixing confectioner’s sugar with a few drops of water at a time until you have your desired consistency.


Step 1:  Heat oven to 350°F. Grease 9×5-inch loaf pan with shortening; lightly sprinkle with flour.

Step 2:  In large bowl, beat cake mix, yogurt, melted butter, lemon peel (optional) and eggs with electric mixer on low speed until ingredients are moistened; scrape bottom and side of bowl. Beat 2 minutes on medium speed. Pour batter in pan. Sprinkle with coarse sugar (optional).

Step 3:  Bake 40 to 50 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center of loaf comes out clean. Cool in pan on cooling rack 10 minutes; run metal spatula around edge of loaf to loosen. Remove from pan to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 1 hour.

Source and Image: Betty Crocker, General Mills


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GIVEAWAY from Polish the Look – Win a Fantastic Nail Art Set!!!

polish the look nail art giveaway darlene michaud

My friend over on Polish the Look has an awesome giveaway for the nail art set that you see above!  Please watch her video to see how you can enter.  Good luck!  I hope you win it!

GIVEAWAY from Polish the Look!

Lizzy does simple nail designs that anyone can do!  You will be as hooked to her channel as I am!


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10 FREE EBOOKS you can download from Amazon Today 1/19 – NO Kindle needed!

amazon free kindle ebooks top 10 darlene michaud

Thank you for sharing this roundup, See Mom Click!
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American Girl Magazine Only $15.95 for One Year (use code DEALSDARL)

american girl magazine discountmags darlene michaud

American Girl Magazine

Cover price $27.00
DiscountMags regular price $22.00

Use code DEALSDARL at checkout and get ONE YEAR for only $15.95!
offer good 1/19/17 12:01am eastern thru 1/20/17 11:59pm eastern

Be sure you always use code DEALSDARL at checkout because you might get a discount on other mags too!


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Tag Along with Me to Roger’s – No More Prozac plus My Youtube Plans


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Mini Update – Heading to Roger’s Supa Dolla


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What I’m Watching On TV Tonight 1/19 – Project Runway: Junior


NOTE:  I still watch TV like in the olden days!  I don’t watch DVDs.  I don’t record stuff to watch later.  I don’t watch online.  I’m a dinosaur!  If you are too, hang out with me to see what I’m watching!

Tonight, I’ll be watching my current favorite show, Project Runway: Junior!  I missed last week’s episode due to my vacation, so I’ll be watching the repeat at 8:00pm then the new show at 9:00pm or maybe at 1:00am, depending on if I’m sewing or not at 9:00pm.  Sewing first, TV second. lol  Just wish the repeat was not so late.

Project Runway: Junior – Thursday, 1/19/17 at 9:00pm eastern on Lifetime (repeats at 1:00am)

Last week’s “enhanced” episode (you see cut scenes) is on at 8:00pm with a repeat at 12:00am

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