Youtube Earnings Update for April 1 thru April 15

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Youtube Inspiration – 3 Video Content Ideas for Anyone!


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Daily Update for 4/19/16 – Let’s Have Fun Today!


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Tag Along with Me to Walmart – Caught Again!


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Tuesday Chat – Sandy’s Orbs, Caught at Walmart, Dishes and Laundry!


Happy Tuesday everyone!  Today I woke up very late yet also happy that all taxes are done! Yay!  I don’t mind paying taxes, I just don’t particularly like preparing them. But I’ve always done my own and also my son’s. We are both self employed so there are lots of numbers to look at.  But I’m done! Cool beans!

Last night I posted yet another video where I got caught with the camera, this time acting silly. But the Walmart employee just laughed and laughed. Sadly, my instincts when I noticed her behind me were to instantly close my camera. I wish so much I had left it running just so you could hear her laugh. I was almost like… okay, enough already, it’s not that funny, is it? lol

My friend, Sandy, has started a Youtube channel, and we discovered she has orbs!  But these are not just any little orbs, but some very unusual orbs, even super orbs!  I know lots of people have theories that orbs might be spiritual signs. Sandy and I are both a bit too logical for that. Maybe dust?  But geeze, that would be some funky dust! lol  Check out the orb at 2:00 on this video!

Today I have the same old, same old on my to do list. Laundry. Dishes. And I’d also love to get set up to where I have both a crafting/beading station in my home and a sewing station too. Just need to move stuff around!!!  I really want that done before Skylar comes. And that reminds me, I need to start shopping for flights!

Have a great Tuesday!



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Daily Update for 4/18/16 – I’m Allowed to be Happy!!!


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Monday Chat – Doodle Art, Youtube Earnings, Stress-Free Monday!


Happy Monday!  Every time a Monday rolls around, I just can’t believe how happy I am to not have to go out and do you know what! lol  I didn’t know just how stressful that Shaw’s flyer was to me until I stopped going out to get it. Wish I had dropped that gig long ago. Just happy I finally freed myself of that stress!

Last night I uploaded my latest doodle!  I am so glad to be back to doodling again. It relaxes me so much! And I have fun with the editing too.

I also posted my Youtube Earnings Update last night! I am sooooo far away from where I need to be, but I’m hopeful I can get to that $1,000 a week goal that I set. I’m giving myself 2 years to reach that goal. I was able to make that with my deals blog, so I should for sure be able to make that with youtube. And I hope I can give people a realistic view of just how much time and effort you must put into Youtube to earn anything at all. It’s slow going, but you can get there! I just know it!

I need to think of something fun to do on Mondays now. It used to be my most hated day. Now it’s my most loved!!!  I need to find a way to celebrate that!

Have a great Monday!



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Doodle Art by Darlene #24


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Sunday Chat – Sunshine, Hair Cut, Online Deals!


It’s Sunday! It’s bright and sunny in Sanford, and once again, it’s not bothering me too much.  I must be at a good place with my depression.  I still prefer no sun, but it’s nice to not absolutely HATE it when the sun is shining. And today, I don’t absolutely hate it! lol

Last night I uploaded my newest Hair Cut video where I trimmed my bangs with a dull knife! lol  I mentioned that I might use a nail clipper next and I’ve already gotten requests to see that, so that will be a go for a future video!

I also have a new Daily Update posted for today. I know not all of you care to watch the videos, which is why I post this chat too, but if you like to know what I have planned for the day, watching my daily updates is the thing to do!

Don’t forget to check the online deals over on my other page! Always new stuff popping up there!

Have a great Sunday!



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Daily Update for 4/17/16 – Long Update! So Much to Say!!!


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