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Sunday Chat – Heading to Marden’s, Shaw’s and Walmart and I’m Taking You With Me!


UPDATE: I’ve decided that I am indeed going to shop for the fabric today so I ended the fat eighths listing.  I am hitting Marden’s in just a few minutes and will buy the fabric.  I will also look around to see if something jumps out at me for the next fabric listing.  So excited!  Then I must also hit Walmart for my mother’s meds.  And we need butter so I might run into Shaw’s too because the butter is on sale there.  I’m taking you with me so expect a Tag Along video tonight.  Let’s go!!!

Happy Sunday!

That marathon tote bag video is over! lol  I don’t know if there are other content creators out there who struggle like I do when it comes to recording tutorials.  I end up with way too much footage then I have to cut it down so much that it’s hard to get it down to a decent watch time without losing too much info.  But, I think I did it.  Still too long for my liking, but at least it’s getting lots of views!  You can see my Quilt As You Go Tote Bag here!

I’m thinking that since I have so many orders for Fat Eighths that I might end that eBay listing earlier than expected and shop for the fabric today.  I really want the fabric to be picked up by my carrier on Tuesday, and I’m starting to think this might be a much more time consuming cutting job than I expected.  I might sleep better tonight if I go today and get that project started.  I sold 20 lots so far!  That’s fantastic!  I can’t wait for that fabric to find new homes!

Today, I’m really going to try to make Block #20 for the Quilt Block Party! Then I’ll have just one more video to finish up that series.  I want to finish up just talking a bit about how it all went and also show how it’s easy to fix blocks that you might not be too thrilled with.  Can’t wait to start a new series!

Have a great Sunday!

Darlene xoxo


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DIY Quilt As You Go Reversible Tote Bag (QAYG) – How to Rag Quilt Tutorial – Sewing Project

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Saturday Chat – Stressful Tote Bag Marathon, Fat Eighths are Selling, Today’s Plans


Happy Saturday!

What a day I had yesterday.  I do not know how a simple tote bag project can turn into a marathon nightmare!  But it did!  However, the final project turned out fantastic.  I worked for 12 hours straight on a tote bag video and the editing.  I had over 2 hours of footage that I have to get down to at least 30 minutes so as not to put everyone in a coma while watching.  lol   Much of the time spent on the tote was off camera, fixing my many mistakes I made a long the way.  I showed one big mistake, but the others I cut out for the sake of time.

My biggest mistake was trying to show how to make quilt blocks and the tote at the same time.  That screwed me up majorly.  So I am cutting out all the quilt block part.  However, I referenced it throughout the video, so all that has to be cut out to because the references no longer make sense.  But it’s hard to cut out the references because sometimes it also includes important stuff.

Bottom line is NEVER try to do two videos in one.  Does not work.  And I’m still not done editing.  I will finish today.  I hope!

I was going to work on an Upcycled Fashion today but I think that will not happen.  I can’t take another stressful day of sewing.  Not unless I come up with something very simple. But the tote bag video was supposed to be simple.  That didn’t happen. lol

I might wrap up the Quilt Block Party series instead.  I really think that’s more important.  I’m anxious to move on to other projects and to get more practice with tutorials.  Or maybe I can just always be stressed and make mistakes and swear about them. Maybe that’s how it’s meant to work for me.  Most don’ mine and many love it more that way.

Not much else to say because I’m mentally drained.  I do want to point out that my Fat Eighths are selling great!  I put more in stock.  If you want some, you need to order by Sunday night, 5/21 because I’m going shopping for the fabric on Monday!

Have a great Saturday!

Darlene xoxo


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Easy Fluffy Orange Pudding Dessert Recipe – Use 4 Ready Made Ingredients!

fluffy orange pudding dessert recipe darlene michaud

Easy Fluffy Orange Pudding Dessert Recipe

NOTE:  Please remember that I don’t eat this stuff so I did not test this recipe. I’m just posting so you can try it!


1 pudding cup (3.25 oz each) Snack Pack Vanilla Pudding
2 seconds Reddi-wip (or any whipped topping)
2 small fresh mandarin oranges or clementines, peeled
1/4 cup miniature marshmallows

Darlene’s Tips:  This would also be good with fresh banana slices or fresh strawberry slices.  How about strawberry banana!  You could set up a little dessert bar with various flavored pudding cups and assorted fresh fruit and let everyone make their own dessert. You can also make your own pudding if you prefer.


Step 1:  Stir together pudding and whipped topping in small bowl; set aside.

Step 2:  Cut orange sections in half. Stir oranges and marshmallows into pudding mixture and serve!

Source and Image: ReadySetEat


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Friday Chat – Fat Eighths on eBay, Thunder Last Night, Tote Bag Tutorial Today



We had some thunder last night.  Do love thunder.  I wish it would last for days and not just a few minutes.  I love lightning too.  Wish I could live somewhere with lots of thunder and lightning.  I can dream!

Yesterday was a busy day for me with personal stuff.  I did manage to list some fabric on ebay!  I’m trying Fat Eighths this time.  So far, so good.  I sold 10 lots over night!  There still is no money in this for me, not really.  But I like to shop for the fabric, and the listing is doing well, so I can make up for it with quantity.  I just hope I can get it all cut in one afternoon.  The only way I’ll figure this all out is to just keep trying different things. If you want a lot, you need to order by Sunday, May 21 since I’m shopping for the fabric on Monday!

I would really love to do a Rag Quilt Tote Bag tutorial today.  I must try to do that!  And it would give everyone an idea on what they can make with their fat eighths that they get!  It’s a plan!

Have a great Friday!

Darlene xoxo


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100% Cotton Fat Eighths – Quilt Fabric Stash Builder

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New Coupons for 5/18/17


These coupons came out over the past 2 days.

Check out the online deals page here
Thanks, Kristi and Shawna!

$1/1 Cheerios™ cereals
$1/1 Nature Valley™ Cereal or Granola
$0.50/1 Helper™ OR Ultimate Helper™ Skillet Dish

General link – Chattem Brands coupons
$1/1 Icy Hot®, Aspercreme®, Sportscreme®, Arthritis Hot®, Capzasin® or Flexall® Product (exclusions)
$1/1 Unisom® product
$1/1 ACT® product
$1/1 GOLD BOND® product (exclusions)
$2/1 Nasacort® Allergy 24HR 60 Spray or Children’s Nasacort® Allergy
$3/1 Allegra-D or Children’s Allegra® product
$1.50/1 Kaopectate® product
$1/1 Cortizone 10® product
$1.50/1 Rolaids® Bottle (Tablets or Liquid)
$2/1 Icy Hot® Smart Relief™ Starter Kit
$1/1 Selsun Blue® product
$1/1 Pamprin® product
$1/1 Garlique® product
$2/1 Dulcolax® or DulcoEase® product 25ct or larger or Dulcolax® Suppositories
$3/1 Zantac® Product, 24ct or larger

Save $2.00 on ONE (1) Enfamil Enfalyte Oral Electrolyte Solution, 32 fl oz (Available at Walmart)
Save $1.00 off any One (1) Silk Protein Nutmilk
Save $0.50 off any One (1) Silk 96 oz. Almondmilk
Save $0.65 off any One (1) Silk Half Gallon or Larger
Save $1.00 on ANY ONE (1) L’Oreal Paris Advanced Hairstyle product (excludes 3 oz. trial size)

Save 50¢ when you buy ONE (1) CUP any variety Yoplait® Dippers.Expires 5/31/2017.Save $0.50.

Save 55¢ on one (1) 12oz. Butterball® Original Turkey Bacon

Earn $2.50 when you purchase Poise® Impressa® Bladder Supports Sizing Kit
Earn $1.50 when you purchase Whole Earth Sweetener®
Earn $2.00 when you purchase Australian Gold® Sunscreen Lotion
Earn $1.00 when you purchase Quorn™ Meatless & Soy-Free
Earn $1.50 when you purchase Tree Top® Apple Sauce Pouches
Earn $8.00 when you purchase TENA® Products


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10 FREE EBOOKS you can download from Amazon Today 5/18 – NO Kindle needed!

10 free ebooks amazon darlene michaud

Thank you for sharing this roundup, See Mom Click!
My readers love your daily free ebook list!!!

Below are 10 FREE eBooks that you can download from Amazon. Please note that these eBooks are only free for a little while, then they go back to regular price. Always check to see if they are still free.

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Thursday Chat – Youtube Comments, Youtube Earnings, No Sleep Last Night!


Happy Thursday!

I had a rough night last night.  I was wide awake until after 5:00am.  I really should have put the AC in my front room yesterday.  I must get that done today.  I was so hot last night and also bothered by general life issues.  Just a rough night.  I’ll be a zombie today, but that’s okay.  Will just do my best to carry on an normal.  A good day of working on my channel will cheer me up, I’m sure!

Yesterday, I uploaded two videos.  First, I did my Youtube Earnings Update for the first half of May.  Quite happy with the direction my channel is moving.  It’s very slow to grow, but it is growing!

Then I uploaded another I Read My Youtube Comments videos which is quickly becoming a peanut gallery favorite series.  The feedback I’ve been getting is phenomenal!  The best thing is I get to turn something I stress out over (“helpful” and “well meaning yet totally boring” comments totally stress me out) into something that entertains my audience and benefits my channel.  And I get to laugh until I cry over the over the top hate I get (those don’t stress me out, just find them totally funny).  Do love!

What’s on the list today… other than a possible nap?  lol  Lots!  Not exactly sure what I’ll accomplish, but an AC in the window is a must.  Then hopefully I’ll get Sandy Pro to help me with the big AC tomorrow.  Here are just some of the items on my “short” to do list:  6 month zc vlog, shit series, upcycled fashions, tag, rag tote tutorial, paper beads, new ebay auctions, tp roll craft.  That’s just the short list! lol  If I can knock out two of those things today, I’ll feel quite successful.

Have a great Thursday!



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I Read My Youtube Comments | Ep. 4

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