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Thursday Chat – Empty House, Hippie Shirt, Youtube Earnings, Buying Fabric Today, More


Happy Thursday!

I woke up alone today in a very quiet house.  In some ways that’s awful.  In other ways that awesome.  I don’t want to talk about it.  I’ll just say that Derrick and Skylar’s trip was good and they were home in Memphis by 10:30pm last night.

Time to throw myself into work.

Tuesday night I made Skylar’s hippie shirt.  I edited it Wednesday morning then uploaded it when I got back from the airport.  I just love the shirt so much. Skylar picked difficult fabric but the pattern it was amazing. And she loved the final outcome even though the sleeves were not bell sleeves.  They were wide and that was fine and dandy by Skylar!  You can see her model the shirt and short here (tank too but you can’t see it under the shirt and I forgot to take pics of it on her).

Then I recorded and uploaded my Youtube Earnings Update for the first two weeks of July.  It’s a very slow month for me so far, but I’m going to have fun trying to boost earnings so I can save July!

Today I need to hit Marden’s for fabric.  Gotta tell you, the shopping part is no longer fun for me. My social anxiety and general dislike for people are getting the way.  I wish I could find a good wholesaler online but so far, I can’t find anything good.  Everyone calls themselves a wholesaler but then they charge outrageous prices for the fabric. That’s not wholesale.  Looks like I’m forced to go out into the public for fabric, at least for now.  Or until I can’t possibly stand it anymore.  Do not like. Do hate.

Not sure about videos for tonight.  I really want to change my schedule so I can have a new plan starting on Monday. When I do that, I’ll read it to you so you know what to expect.

Today I might do a ZC update but I dread that because I get so much hate.  I could turn off the comments but then I lose so much content for my comments video. It’s a lose/lose! lol

Even if I do a ZC update, I want to knock out something else too, something fun.  I have so many ideas to choose from!  I want so much to get back to various quilt blocks (including crumb blocks!) and to also start embellishing the quilt block party blocks.  I also want to get back to offering a tote bag on ebay once per month.  So much to do!

Have a great Thursday!  Darlene xoxo


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Youtube Earnings Update for July 2017 (First Half of Month)

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I Made a Hippie Shirt for Skylar

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Wednesday Chat – Skylar Leaves Today


Happy hump day everyone!

Today is the day I’ve been dreading.  Skylar goes home.  I won’t get to see her again until October, assuming I get to go in October.   I would book my trip now just so I could feel better, but it’s a bit too soon as Derrick does not know his playing schedule that far out.

The hardest part for me when she leaves is all the stuff that is left behind.  I have so much to put away, all the craft supplies, the games, the stuffed animals… and I always find something she forgot to bring home.  Those things do not comfort me.  They remind me that she’s far away and make me very sad.  It will take me at least a week to even realize she’s not here.  I will look for her every time I wake up.  Empty bed.  Do hate.

The good thing for my peanut gallery is that I’ll be throwing myself into my work.  I might over do the videos for a bit just to get me over the hump.  I want to keep my brain busy.  Work comforts me. It’s my safe place.  Not much can go wrong when you work hard.  It’s like a roller coaster ride that never ends.  Do love.

Yesterday I made two shirts for Skylar.  First, I made this Peasant Top.  And no, she did not wear this outfit out with those pants. LOL  However, if she wanted to, I would have totally told her it was a rocking outfit.  It just happens that she had those palazzo pants on and did not want to change for the photo shoot.

One thing Skylar has that I so wish I had as a child is the confidence to be herself.  She is not afraid to wear different things out in public and even to school.  I was petrified about bringing attention to myself and if someone mentioned what I was wearing, good or bad, I never wore it again.  The good comments bothered me because I figured they were somehow making fun of me.  I remember certain articles of clothing that I begged for and finally got only to wear them once and never again, like my maxi coat in 5th grade.  All the kids were wearing them but I got crushed by a comment and wore it only once.  Then I felt the guilt of wasting my father’s money on it for the rest of my life.  I honestly still lose sleep over that.  One of the million things I lose sleep over.

Okay, therapy session is over. lol  I just hope no one crushes Skylar’s confidence.  She is shy in many ways, but for now, she’s willing to wear different things.  I love that about her.  Yet I worry so much about the possible crushing blows that can come her way.  I always anticipate future reality.

The second shirt I made is the one out of the black sheer fabric.  I recorded it but I have not edited that yet.  I still need to take pics of the final look and hope to upload that tonight.

I also need to record my earnings update for the first two weeks of July. That might be tonight. If not, then I’m aiming for tomorrow.  Stay tuned!

Now I need to get ready to start this day.  I want to round up some stuff and have Derrick help me bring things back upstairs so I don’t have to do it all.  Also want to close up the sleep sofa so I don’t have to walk in the house to see Skylar’s bed open when I get back from the airport.

Have a great Wednesday!  Darlene xoxo


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I Made a Peasant Shirt for Skylar

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Tuesday Chat – 8 Months of Meat, Sewing Today, Youtube Earnings Coming Soon


Happy Tuesday!

This is the last full day that Skylar will be here.  They leave tomorrow.  I’m broken up about that.  It’s going to be a shocking difference to have the house so quiet again.  Thank goodness I have a new schedule planned so I can throw myself back into my work.  And it will be nice to not have the TV on so much during the day. That’s one sound I won’t miss.  lol

Yesterday, I started making the outfit Skylar asked for.  I completed the tank top and the shorts.  Today I must make the sheer top and I hope to record that.  Skylar now wants two different tops, one with bell sleeves and one with more of a peasant top look. I may tackle both.  If I had her near me all the time, I’m sure I’d learn so much about making clothing.  She would force me to! lol

Today makes 8 months that I’ve been eating only meat for my meals. And I sure do eat tons of it.  I’m still going strong and loving it.  I would like very much to do an update after Skylar leaves because I know many are curious to know if I’m even still eating this way.   I am!  I think if I do an update, I’ll turn comments off for that video.  I have no desire to read all the crap I get when I talk about eating only meat.  Too many opinions. Too much uneducated hate. No time for that shit.  But it might give me lots of content for a future “I Read My Comments” video.  So maybe I’ll leave comments on.  Don’t know yet.

Just a reminder for those of you looking for the Youtube Earnings Update video for the first two weeks of July, I will be recording that only after Skylar leaves, so hopefully Wednesday night or Thursday.  But yes, I will have it at some point.

Have a great Tuesday!  Darlene xoxo


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I Made a Tank Top and Shorts for Skylar

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Shaw’s Flyer Preview 7/21- 7/27

shaws flyer 7 21


Shaw’s Flyer 7/21 – 7/27


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Mailbag Monday – Skylar Hits another Jackpot! Me too!

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Monday Chat – Derrick is Home! Skylar is Thrilled!


Happy Monday everyone!

Derrick is home!  We picked him up at the airport late last night.  We got home around 1am then Derrick and I stayed up a bit while Skylar fell asleep in his arms.  They were so happy to see each other.

This morning Skylar checked the mail as always and there were two boxes on the porch. One for me and one for her! This is peanut gallery mail and it’s actually Monday so we will be opening the packages on video later today for Mailbag Monday and that will be the video for tonight.  This is, of course, assuming all goes as planned.

They are out right now.  Derrick likes to take Skylar around to show her stuff he likes or places he used to go.  She sees a lot with me, but she just loves seeing this town through her daddy’s eyes.  He has stories he can tell her.  She loves to hear them.

The only video I uploaded last night was the Nightcap Vlog while waiting to leave for the airport.  Oh, but you’ll see my sweet raccoon family at the beginning so please check it out!

Not too much else to blog about today.  I need to shower and get dressed and get this day started!

Have a great Monday!  Darlene xoxo


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