Patreon: Jan-Mar, 2019

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January 2019

Snippets of My Day – Food, Pee, Business

The Truth Behind My Stress – Exclusive Video

Snippets of My Weekend – Stress Alert!

Snippets of My Day

Snippets – Collecting My Pee for 24 Hours plus Other Stuff

Snippets – New Tunic Sneak Peek, Phone Call, More Personal Stuff

Snippets of My Day – Cooking, Cleaning, Getting Personal

Snippets of My Weekend

Snippets – Ride Along Chat, Decluttering Woes, Returned Packages

Snippets of My Day – Meat, Fabric, Crochet, Crying

Snippets – Cooking My Lunch & Fabric Panels

Snippets – Decluttering Fabric

Snippets of My Day

Affiliate Link Secrets – How Bloggers Earn Money

OCD and Other Stuff – Can’t Stop Talking

After the Frenzy Rambling

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