Patreon: Apr-Jun, 2018

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May 2018

Fabric Friday Update for Patrons

Food Chat – Willpower and Sabotage

18 Months of Meat Update (see my ZC playlist for tons of info)

I Got Snail Mail

Chit Chat for Patrons

Hate From a Peanut Gallery Member

Watch Darlene Cry

Chit Chat – Bunny & Shane, My Comments Transformation, Eye Appointment

Is My Content Scripted?

Parasocial Relationships Between Fans and Youtubers

More Chit Chat Patreon Style

Therapy Session

My Reaction to Grav3yardgirl’s Interview

Stress Overload

Testing a New Approach to Comments

Potty Mouth Chat – Comments, Writing a Book, Mental Anguish

How I Really Feel About Upcycled Fashions

Potty Mouth Nightcap – Cooking My Meat and Celebrity Deaths

April 2018

Potty Mouth Updates

Let’s Analyze This Comment

17 Months of Meat with Lab Results!!! Zero Carb Update

Potty Mouth Ramblings

Damage Control Gone Wrong?

Serious Shit with a Few Laughs

Raw and Personal

Hate Comments and Dating Site Messages

I Read Comments While Manic

Dating Site Update

Potty Mouth Nightcap

Dating Site Fun and Taxes Bullshit

Dating Site Update

Check Out My Dating Site Matches!

Potty Mouth Nightcap

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