1½ Yard Cut – Cheater’s Quilt (1335)

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Save the Selvage!

You get a 1½ Yard Cut of the print you see in the images.

This measures about 54 inches long by the full width of the fabric, usually 42 to 44 inches including the selvage.

The fabric is folded in the image.

I only have ONE like this.

This is a good one for a cheater’s quilt. Just add batting and backing to the entire piece and quilt as desired. Done!

BONUS – There is an awesome selvage on this one! lol (but for real, save that selvage)

SOLD OUT 1½ Yard Cut – Cheater’s Quilt (1335)
Patrons/Members: $10.00 + FREE shipping
will be $12.00 on ebay


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