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Birthday Cake Bread

450 Free Kindle Books Per Month

I Love This Stick Rotary Cutter!

5-Ingredient Chicken Soup Casserole

TikTok – I Scared Them Away

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3-Ingredient Cream Cheese Dip

10 FREE KINDLE BOOKS for 4/30/18 plus 3 Free Box Sets and 5 Free Books for Kids!

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  1. Living in the Moment
  2. 1018 Quotes & Thoughts for Entrepreneurs
  3. To Save A Life
  4. Cakes: Carrot Cakes
  5. Scrapbooking: 15 Easy Lessons
  6. Scrumptious Chicken Recipes
  7. Crochet In 1 Hour: The Complete Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners
  8. Sleep : 5O Proven Strategies To Hack Your Way To A Better Sleep And Cure Insomnia
  9. Honeymoon in Italy: Before the Otto Viti Mysteries
  10. Narcissistic Personality Disorder


  1. Emma Greens Weight Loss Books (9 book bundle)
  2. Crystal Lake Shorts (7 book bundle)
  3. Business Money Maker (6 book bundle)


  1. Mazes And Puzzles
  2. Ernie
  3. Tunda On The Rock
  4. Hedgehog’s Treasure
  5. The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery

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