(100) 5″ Squares – 50 Mixed Prints (2925)

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You get 100 rotary cut 5″ squares.

There are 50 prints. You get 2 of each print.

I am not showing every print to save time.  It’s very hard to sort and then restack this many squares. Just know it’s an awesome variety!

Quilt Top Options:

If you were to make a scrappy quilt using just these squares and sewing them 10 across by 10 down, you would end up with a quilt top measuring about 45.5″ square. 

Want it longer than wide? Sew the squares 9 across by 11 down. You would end up with a quilt top about 41″ wide by 50″ long. You would have one square leftover.

You can also add sashing or mix these blocks with various other size blocks for a scrappier look.

NOTE: I was very careful when sorting all the prints before cutting, but it’s always possible there might be repeats because I’m human. And often exhausted. lol  Even if I screwed up (I hope I didn’t) this is a fantastic mix.

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT (100) 5″ Squares – 50 Mixed Prints (2925)
Exclusive Price: $25.00 + FREE shipping
non-exclusive price: $35.00


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