120 Rotary Cut 2″ Squares – Partial Stripes (1845)

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You get 120 rotary cut 2″ squares, 20 of each of the 6 prints you see in the image.

These are cut from those big stripes that are good for fussy cutting.  I thought I’d cut them small to see how they come out and I love them. You get lots of variety this way!

You can use these for various patchwork projects. They can also be turned into 4 patch or 9 patch blocks to mix in a quilt with other blocks.  Or use them with my 2″ short strips to create unusual strips for quilt blocks or strip sets.

These are perfect for Postage Stamp Quilts!

SOLD OUT 120 Rotary Cut 2″ Squares – Partial Stripes (1845)
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