136 Rotary Cut 3.5″ Squares – Batik Mix – 34 Prints (2101)

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Most of the squares for this lot come from the prints below,
but not all those prints are included. There are a few additional
prints that are not shown below.

You get 136 precut 3.5″ squares. There are 34 different prints. You get 4 of each print.

I did not take the time to spread them all out. Most of the squares were cut from the prints you see in the bottom image.  But not all those prints made the cut. A few other prints were tossed in. Just know it’s an awesome mix.

There is another lot of 3.5″ squares with 23 prints. A few of those prints are the same as in this lot, but not too many.

NOTE: You will be able to change the quantity after you add to the cart.

SOLD OUT 136 Rotary Cut 3.5″ Squares – Batik Mix – 34 Prints (2101)
Patrons/Members: $20.50 + FREE shipping
will be $25.50 on ebay


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