15 One Yard Cuts – Beauty Beach (3012)

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Click images for larger view.

The image above is from the manufacturer.
The colors seem to be more true in the image above.

Fabric: Loralie Designs

You get 15 one yard cuts, 1 of each of the prints you see in the images.

It’s next to impossible to capture the colors of the very light colors. Some are white and some are pale blue but they might look the same or some might even look pinkish. If you click that top image and open it up big you will get a better idea of the colors. Not sure if you can do that on a phone.

A yard measures at least 36 inches tall by the full width of the fabric, usually 42 to 44 inches including the selvage.

15 One Yard Cuts – Beauty Beach (3012)
Exclusive Price: $142.50 + FREE shipping
non-exclusive price: $168.75


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