1600 Rotary Cut 2″ Squares Batik (1712)

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You get 1600 rotary cut 2 inch squares of mixed batik prints!

I think there are 44 different prints, give or take. You get 20 squares of some prints, 40 of other prints and 60 of some others.  It’s a mixed batch.  I did what I could with the remnants I was cutting from. There are color changes on some of these so that also creates variety.

If you were to sew these all together, 40 squares across by 40 squares tall, using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, you would end up with a finished quilt top measuring 60 inches square!  That’s a big quilt!

You can also use these for many smaller patchwork projects. Sew them together for totes, pillows, hippy skirts, stuffed animal bodies, whatever!  You can also make some 4 patch or 9 patch blocks to mix in a quilt with other blocks. You don’t have to make an entire quilt with just 2″ squares. Mix it up a bit!

These come nicely packaged in small, clear bags for easy storage.

These are perfect for Postage Stamp Quilts!

1600 Rotary Cut 2″ Squares Batik (1712)
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