(20) 3.5″ Strips – Mixed Prints Lot 2 (3164)

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You get 20 rotary cut 3.5″ strips, 1 of each of the prints shown in the images.

These strips are the full width of the fabric, usually 42 to 44 inches including the selvages.

You can cut these strips into 3.5″ squares.  You get 12 squares per strip which is a total of 240 squares!

Strip Quilt:  If you were to sew these 20 strips together, you would end up with a quilt top about 60.5 inches long by the full width of the fabric. If you want it longer, you can add narrow sashing between the strips.

SOLD OUT (20) 3.5″ Strips – Mixed Prints Lot 2 (3164)
Exclusive Price: $24.00 + FREE shipping
non-exclusive price: $29.00


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