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How to get bargains at Shaw’s without coupons

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If you don’t have the time or energy to print and clip coupons, you can still get some awesome bargains at Shaw’s if you know where to look!

The Shaw’s in Sanford has 8 sections in their store where you can buy marked down items. Your Shaw’s most likely has some of the same sections, so look for them (or ask someone)!

Remember, you can use coupons with marked down items to maximize your savings!

Refrigerated Marked Down Produce:  You can find refrigerated marked down produce in the refrigerated bin that holds the packaged lettuce. The mark downs are at the very end of that bin. You can almost always find heads of lettuce or bagged lettuce really cheap, refrigerated salad dressings, fruits and berries, fancy juice, and so much more!

Non Refrigerated Marked Down Produce: There is a rack (or two) toward the back of the produce section next to some big swinging doors. That rack holds reduced fresh fruit and reduced fresh veggies.

Marked Down Deli:  To find the marked down deli items, go past the deli counter then look in the refrigerated bin to your right. In that bin you can find marked down deli meat, potato and pasta salads, veggie dips, cheese, and more! They have lots of brand name items in this section that match up nicely with coupons! You can also find marked down sandwiches, side dishes, salads, etc., in the refrigerator that holds all the sandwiches and other deli items. Look around!

Marked Down Meat: There is no specific section for marked down meat. Instead, you have to look through all the meat to find some with the marked down peelie coupons on them. You can use a manny Q and stack it with the peelie!

Marked Down Wine and Grocery: At the back of the store, you will see two big swinging doors. Just in front of those doors on the right, you will see shelves with a variety of marked down canned goods, diapers, pickles, health and beauty items, and wine!

Marked Down Bakery: On the left side of the same swinging doors mentioned above, you will see a rack with marked down bakery items. You can pick up some baked bread super cheap! They often have donuts and cookies too.

Marked Down Frozen Goods: Go to the back of the store then look in the freezer that is at the end of the frozen food section, between aisles 20 and 21 (it’s facing the milk). Note: they don’t always have a reduced frozen section. If they do there will be a sign up.

Marked Down Dairy: The marked down dairy has been moved to the back wall of the store. How dare they move it without warning me! I nearly had a heart attack thinking they took it away… LOL. You can find lots of goodies in reduced dairy that are getting close to their “best by” dates. I always bring my coupons and often get free milk, free yogurt, free eggs and free juice!

Each time you visit Shaw’s, be sure you check all the marked down sections! And remember to match the items with coupons if you can. Look for coupons in the boxes at the coupon table!  If you don’t have coupons, you can still buy a wide variety of food at a fraction of the cost!


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